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Your Must-do Checklist Before You Reset MacBook Pro
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Your Must-do Checklist Before You Reset MacBook Pro

Ready for our checklist? Before you get started, be sure to read our guide on how to wipe MacBook Pro without losing data.

1. Log Out of iTunes

Did you know that you can authorize your iTunes account on just five computers? While that’s not a big deal if you own just one Mac, it becomes an issue if you forget to deauthorize your machine before selling it or giving it away. To make sure you don’t run into trouble trying to play your content on your new Mac, here’s what you need to do:

1. Open iTunes on your Mac.

2. From the menu bar, click Account.

3. Select Authorizations > Deauthorize This Computer.

4. Enter your Apple ID and the password.

5. Click Deauthorize.

That’s it. Let’s move on.

2. Turn Off FileVault

FileVault encrypts your startup disk from unauthorized access. If FileVault is enabled, it’s a good idea to turn it off before saying goodbye to your Mac. Here’s how:

1. Click  and open System Preferences.

2. Choose Security and Privacy.

3. Click the FileVault tab.

4. Click the lock icon at the bottom left.

5. Type in the admin name and password.

6. Click the Turn Off FileVault button.

3. Sign Out of iCloud

A lot of important personal information is stored in iCloud. Turn it off to make sure all your personal stuff is removed from your Mac.

To turn off iCloud, follow these easy steps:

1. Click  and open System Preferences.

2. Select iCloud.

3. Click Sign Out.

4. Click Delete from Mac in the popup window.

4. Sign Out of Messages

Your personal messages are private. But if you forget to sign out of Messages, they could quickly become public. Always sign out of the Messages app so that the owner of your new Mac doesn’t have access to your conversations. Here’s how:

1. Open the Messages app.

2. Select Messages from the top menu bar.

3. Open Preferences from the drop-down menu.

4. Select your Messages account and click Sign Out.

5. Remove Touch Bar Data

If you own a MacBook Pro with Touch Bar, there’s one more step you should consider. Touch Bar stores its own data in its Secure Enclave. To remove the data, follow these steps:    

1. Restart your Mac, and then press and hold Command+R keys to start up your Mac in Recovery Mode.

2. When the macOS Utilities screen appears, click the Utilities tab and choose Terminal.

3. In the Terminal window, type in

xartutil --erase-all

and hit Return.

4. Type ‘yes’ when asked for confirmation.

5. Restart your Mac as usual. 

You’re all set. The data is now removed from Touch Bar’s Secure Enclave.

We hope you found our checklist useful. Keep it handy and refer to it the next time you decide to sell or give away your Mac.


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