How to Force Quit Several Apps at Once
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How to Force Quit Several Apps at Once

Instead of wasting a lot of time quitting non-responding apps one by one, there’s a way to do so in one go. Here’s how to close all beachballing apps simultaneously:

  1. Start by clicking the Apple logo in the upper left corner and select Force Quit from the list. Alternatively, you can use the Command ⌘ + Alt/Option ⌥ + Escape key combination.

  1. Select the application you’d like to quit.

  2. Hold down the Command key and click on another app you want to force quit. Keep holding the Command key down if you want to close more apps. Alternatively, you can hold the Shift key down to select the apps if they appear in sequence on the force quit list.

  3. Click the Force Quit button.

  1. A new alert window should appear. Confirm you want to force quit all applications selected.

  1. Close the Force Quit application window.

Note: By force quitting applications, you will lose any unsaved changes. Keep in mind that force quitting an application interrupts its background processes and may lead to potential data loss. It is not recommended to use force quit as the regular way to exit certain apps, so use this option responsibly.

Now you know how to quit multiple apps simultaneously. This easy-to-do trick saves your time and, probably, your nerves. Add this trick to your macOS collection of helpful hints and stay tuned for upcoming blog updates.

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