7 Awesome macOS Tricks You Might’ve Missed
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7 Awesome macOS Tricks You Might’ve Missed

1. Instantly Split Your Screen

A lifesaver tool for messed up desktops: click the green button in the upper left corner of any open app. Hold this button for a second and, voilà – now you can view all open apps on one screen.

2. Move Menu Bar Items

Don’t like how the top menu bar icons are sorted? It’s easy to rearrange them. Hold down the Command key and use your mouse or trackpad to place the icons as you want.

3. Copy and Paste Across Devices

With macOS Sierra and iOS 10, Apple introduced a handy Universal Clipboard feature. The only thing you need is to log into the same iCloud account on all your Apple devices. Found a delicious brownie recipe? Copy it on your Mac, paste on your iPhone, and go to the grocery with a shopping list at hand.

4. Make Docs More Fun with Emojis

Life’s too short for boring things. Have some fun and add emojis to your documents or messages if possible. Simply hold down the Control and Command buttons and press space bar to open the emoji menu. You can also use special characters like math symbols, arrows, bullets, etc. Note that not all the apps support this feature.

5. Browse While Watching Videos

Did you know you can browse the web while a video is playing on your screen? When watching videos on your Mac, look for the arrow-like icon that points at a separate screen. If it’s missing, hold down the Control key and double-click the video to open the shortcut menu.

Select Enter Picture in Picture and the video will play in a separate window that you can move or resize.

6. Sign Documents Straight From Your Mac

The Preview app, as well as most PDF viewers, support inserting a digital signature. Open Preview and go to Tools > Annotate > Signature > Manage Signatures. Now, create a signature with a finger on your trackpad and then simply insert it into the document.

7. Drag Text Between Apps

Using copy paste on a Mac is so last century because you can simply drag text pieces from one window to another. Just highlight the text snippet on your Mac, then drag it to another app with your mouse. Or drag it to the desktop and macOS will create a text document with this text.

Which of the tricks above will you start using right now? Let us know in the comments section and stay tuned for more great tricks.

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