Hackers Gonna Hack: How To Turn On  The Safety Mode In The Social Network

Hackers Gonna Hack: How To Turn On The Safety Mode In The Social Network

Not only celebrities are under the threat of hackers. Be aware of social network scams as well  by being selective about whom you invite into your network, and protective about the information you share about yourself, your family and your life.

Follow these simple tips to keep your social life safer:

1. Have Complicated, Difficult-To-Remember Passwords

Do not like changing your passwords for your social media and vast amount of other accounts? A good solution to make changing passwords less of a pain is to sign up for a password storage tool.  Don’t use the same password or similar password that you slightly modify for each account. Make each password unique, with a mix of upper and lower case letters, numbers, special characters – at least 9 characters, ideally more.

2. Regulate your privacy settings. Most social networks, such as Facebook, allow you to control who sees your information, photos and posts.

Think about who will see the information you post. If your privacy settings are not controlled, you will be giving information about yourself out to anyone with access to the Internet.

3. Avoid social networking content that asks you for personal information. Do not download any apps, take any quizzes or sign up for any coupons that ask for your date of birth, social security number or home address.

4. Delete links you cannot identify. Do not click on any link that is unfamiliar or comes from an unknown source. This can carry viruses or lead scammers to your personal information.

5. Refuse to engage in financial transactions on social networks. If you follow a favorite charity Facebook page or Twitter feed, make your donations through their website, by phone or by mail.

6. Try not to access social network sites on public computers. Use your own computer instead of the computers at libraries and other public places. Your login information can be stolen and used to post false things.

7. Make sure your security software  and firewalls are up to date. Use a good virus protection plan for your computer as well.

Source: staysafeonline.org

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