Was your Facebook data used by Cambridge Analytica?

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16 / 04 / 2018

Was your Facebook data used by Cambridge Analytica?

Are you sure that everything you share online is 100% safe? While you might have done everything you can to protect yourself, there’s no guarantee that your Facebook profile hasn’t been compromised, especially if you haven’t set up military-grade protection. We recently covered how Cambridge Analytica secretly harvested 87 million Facebook users and guided you how to stay safe* in that data breach scandal.

The truth is, Cambridge Analytica accessed personal data in a really sophisticated way. They rooted a totally legal app named This is Your Digital Life to harvest your data even though you might not have even used this app at all.

Blame your friends. If someone on your friends list allowed the app to access their friends list, that was enough to access your public profile info as well. But you’re not in the dark. There’s an easy way to find out if you’re a victim of this data breach.

How to find if Cambridge Analytica had access to your data

Fortunately, Facebook hasn’t left victims in the dark. They created a special tool that tells you if you or your Facebook friends have ever used that compromising app. This mechanism scans users’ logs collected in the network assisted to show if you were affected.

To find out if you’ve been affected, just follow this link:


You will see a short report:

If your result is the same as the screenshot above, you’re in the clear. None of your Facebook friends has used the app and your data hasn’t been shared with Cambridge Analytica. But what if you weren’t lucky enough?

What to do when you’ve been affected

Of course, you can’t turn back time. However, there’s still a chance to protect your Facebook data from future breaches. According to Facebook recommendations, you can review and update the information you share with apps and websites via the Facebook settings page. Follow this link:


Check the box for all apps that you think might be harmful and click Remove afterwards. Remember, the fewer apps that have access to your private information, the safer you’ll stay. Even if you fully trust an app, it’s better to be safe than sorry. Share your data responsibly and check the MacKeeper blog for upcoming security updates.


*New Facebook Data Breach: How to Stay Safe