Humans of MacKeeper: Rum, Head of Consumer Marketing

Humans of MacKeeper: Rum, Head of Consumer Marketing

Nickname: Rum

Position: Head of Consumer Marketing

Random fact: He's managed to change more than 5 positions at MacKeeper—from support agent in 2011 to Head of Consumer Marketing in 2018.

Let's travel back in time to your first day in the company. What was it like?

It was February the 1st, 2011. I joined the company as a Support Agent.

I was surprised to see such a young team. People were running around the office with sparkling eyes. They were busy trying to keep up with all the traffic the company hoped for but did not expect to come so soon. When users started to install MacKeeper, it turned out there were still a lot of things to be done. For example, we needed more Support Agents—a lot more.

I was amazed by the atmosphere. At that time, MacKeeper was a young, family company. All newcomers were treated like new family members. Now it's a little different, of course. We're much bigger. However, I still wear my slippers in the office, just like I did in 2011.

Did you hesitate before accepting your job offer?

I felt like it was the right place for me. I had just returned from the US and at MacKeeper I would be supporting customers from the US. All the dots connected—my hard and soft skills, my level of English, my interest in tech. Plus, I knew the answers to almost all the questions during the job interview. It was like "boooom" and here I am, still supporting Mackeeper users.

Your nickname is Rum. What does it mean for you?

It traces back to times when I played online games. My nickname was Rumor, but everyone called me "Rumchik" or "Rum." Although in these versions the second letter should sound different, everyone ignored this and kept calling me Rum (with a second letter sounding like double o).

Let's talk business. What team you are a part of? What role does your team play for MacKeeper?

I am the Head of Consumer Marketing, the team responsible for all communication that happens between our users and MacKeeper. This includes emails, push notifications, and information on our website.

Our job is to communicate the value of MacKeeper and teach users to make the most of our software during the entire period of subscription. We engage users at all stages of their journey, give them a chance to provide feedback, improve the process of activation, and make their experience with our software as seamless as possible.

As a lead of the Consumer Marketing team, I correct the focus of my team members in accordance with the company's strategy.

Describe your typical day at work.

My responsibility is to be aware of all changes that happen in our company and make sure my team responds to these changes properly. To stay in the know, I spend a lot of time in meetings. These meetings take up the majority of my day in the office.

Plus, I communicate with my team, help them set and accomplish their goals, as well as make sure our team makes a contribution to the common cause.

What is the most and least favorite part of your job?

My favorite part is analytics. I love to dive deep into numbers to find out what works, what doesn't, and why it is so. I love the process of goal setting, too. It is amazing to have an opportunity to influence the course that our company will stick to for the following few months.

As for my least favorite part, it is when goals change in the middle of a quarter, and we have no choice but to adjust.The adjustment is sometimes hard, but I know it's the right thing to do.

Name three character traits or skills that are necessary for your job.

The ability to work in a team. Punctuality. A sense of humor.

If you could choose any superpower to help you with your job, what would it be?  

Mind reading. Here at MacKeeper, we believe that understanding our customers, knowing their wants and needs, is a must. It takes time, skills, and effort to identify those wants and needs, which is why reading our users’ minds would help me a lot.

When you tell people you work in Consumer Marketing, do they understand what you do?

Not at all. When I say I work in marketing, people immediately associate me with digital marketing. When I say I also work with users, they think I'm a product manager.

When I try to explain Consumer Marketing, I say that it is about communication with users. It is about listening to them, providing them with all information they might benefit from, and maintaining this dialog for as long as they remain our users.

Essentially, Consumer Marketing is about building relationships.

Describe your job in 3 words.

Second family. Opportunity. One-of-a-kind.

Is there something about your job you feel proud of?

There are a lot of things to be proud of. The biggest one for me is that we've managed to receive direct feedback from our users. We were able to do this only recently when we formed Design Thinking teams and started to conduct in-depth interviews with our users.

What motivates you to do your best at work?

On days when I feel less motivated than usual, I remind myself that I have a team, a roadmap, goals with deadlines, and—most importantly—users who expect us to make their lives easier.

What is your personal anti-stress recipe? How do you recharge after a busy week?

I could say that my anti-stress recipe is to spend a day in bed and read a good book from cover to cover, but—I have two little kids. So, it's a luxury I can't really afford at the moment.  

If you could swap places with any employee in a company for one month, who would this be? Why?

I'd chose to be a designer. I think they are superhumans because they manage to take my basic mockups and make something beautiful out of it. For me, it's magic.

Describe your perfect job.

I don't believe in dream jobs. I think every job has its pros and cons, opportunities and pitfalls.

However, there are companies I respect and consider dream companies in terms of what they do. The first is PayPal, because these guys were the first to take offline banking online and keep it secure for users. The second one is Deezer. It's a music company. I don't know how they do this, but I love each and every track they suggest. And the last one is Grammarly. These guys developed a product that is now used worldwide. It's impressive.

I'm not sure these companies are perfect to work for, but for me, they are at the top.

Now imagine you've got an offer from that dream company, you are super happy and you're leaving. What piece of advice would you give the company and a person who will take your place?

I'd tell them to maintain warm relationships within our team, to support each other, to stay a family. And I'd remind them to rely on their strengths, work on improving them, and use them to make the lives of our users better.

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