How to Get Split Screen on Mac

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09 / 01 / 2019

How to Get Split Screen on Mac

Splitting your screen is one of those awesome macOS tricks that is useful if you have problems with a messy desktop.

The app called Split View comes in handy when you need to switch between two apps quickly without the burden of distraction from other windows. It fills your Mac screen with two vertical windows, so you don’t need to move and resize them manually.

Many Mac users find this multitasking tool applicable in situations when they’re:

  • Working on web pages and their development

  • Doing complex research

  • Searching the web and writing down findings in a document

  • Playing multiplayer games with a friend

  • Using two windows (they could be both apps and documents) simultaneously

This article will teach you how to get a split screen on your Mac with the help of a shortcut or apps.

How to Split Your Screen on Mac

How to Adjust Split Screen View on Mac

How to Exit Split Screen View on Mac

System Requirements for Split Screen View on Mac

How to Split Your Screen on Mac

To split a screen on macOS El Capitan and later versions, follow the next steps: 

1.   In the upper-left corner of the application, press and hold down the full-screen button using split screen on mac

2.  When the window shrinks, you can drag it to left or right side of the screen (the chosen area will be highlighted in blue)

3.  Release your drag and choose the app you want to be shown on the other half of the screen

4.  Resize the windows according to your preferences (press and move the center, vertical bar)

Bonus tip: Split screen will work with macOS El Capitan, High Sierra, and Mojave. However, this function is not available on macOS Yosemite and earlier versions.

If you already work in full-screen view, the previous method won't work. Try the following:

1. Open Mission Control (press the Mission Control button control button- F3, the shortcut Control+Arrow up, swipe up with four fingers, or use other alternative methods).

2. Create a new split screen by dragging one app over the other in the Space menu bar at the top of the screen.