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Valentine's Gift Ideas from the MacKeeper Team

Valentine's Gift Ideas from the MacKeeper Team

We were discussing Valentine's special offer and brainstorming content ideas for this day, when someone said "Let's create something helpful!"

"How about a list of cool Valentine's gift ideas? I mean, most people struggle to find good gifts for this holiday," another person replied.

At first, it seemed like a good idea.

Then I started googling "best valentine's gifts 2019" and the results made me realize why most people have a tough time buying gifts for Valentine's Day.

I mean, a "100 things I love about you" journal, are you kidding? A mug with her name on it, seriously? A split heart keychain, oh come on! And don’t get me started on those eye-melting pinky-pink colors that these websites are painted with. 

Ok, maybe Google isn't the right place to look for interesting gift ideas. But what other source of information do I have?

My colleagues!

They are creative, smart, and have a good sense of humor. I could collect their ideas and it's gonna be a thing!

Little did I know the list will end up being, let's say, unexpectedly sarcastic.

The coolest Valentine's day gift ideas from the MacKeeper team

  • A year's supply of Pringles

If your partner is seriously into healthy foods, just replace Pringles with avocado, now you can open your own avocado toast cafe, babe!


  • A scale (works best with a supply of Pringles)

Your special someone has the right to know how much that last tube of Pringles packed on. It’s a great way for your partner to realize how much weight you add to their lives. Literary.


  • A workshop on how to stop celebrating commercial holidays and be happy every day instead

Even if the tickets are pricey, go for it. See it as an investment for the future: if this workshop is effective, you'll save yourself a fortune in years to come.


  • A Bactrian Camel (the humps sorta look like the top of a heart)

I didn't ask the author of this idea whether it should be a real camel or a stuffed toy So, it's up to you to decide which would best show your affection.


  • A screaming rubber hen tied with a bow

Caution! Only pick this idea if you want to break up. Otherwise, plan to back up this idea with a more loving gift.


  • A hot-air balloon tour

What could be more romantic than taking in the sites from above? The team member who recommended this also suggested that you don't plan to propose during the ride. Don't. If your partner says "no," you three will have the most awkward 30+ minutes of your life. Why "three"? You, your loved one, and the poor pilot.  


  • A t-shirt with your face or your partner's face and the phrase "What I’m wasting my best years on"

Pick a bad-hair-day selfie to make this gift 10x cooler.


As you see, the ideas our team proposed pretty much describe how romantic most of us feel about this holiday—that is, not really at all.

Of course, there were perfectly sweet ideas as well, but I didn't include them in the list. Because, let's face it, who in their right mind would want a romantic spa retreat or heart-shaped balloons if there are gifts out there like a year's supply of Pringles?

Yeah. We thought so, too. 

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