Where To Meet Cyber Criminal: Geolocation Of Cyber Crimes

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11 / 03 / 2015

Where To Meet Cyber Criminal: Geolocation Of Cyber Crimes

According to the Symantec rank there are 20 countries that generate the most cybercrime

As we have discussed in previous article “How To Avoid the Attack Of Cyber Criminals” - cyber criminals strive to remain anonymous, and their ‘products’ rarely carry telltale signs of their origin. And it is still the main obstacle against of cybercrimes.

According the Opswat research the topic of cyber criminals has been elevated to international politics with the Obama administration’s decision to impose sanctions on North Korea in response to the Sony Pictures hacking incident. And it is still unclear fact that the North Korea was the sole culprit.

So, the topic of our article is Where To Meet Cybercriminal: Geolocation Of Cyber Crimes. Have you ever wondered which countries face the most cybercrime? If you have ever wondered which countries have the most cybercrime, then you may be surprised to know that there are few contributing factors that attract cybercriminals to specific regions of the world.

According to the Symantec rank there are 20 countries that generate the most cybercrime. In compiling the list, Symantec looked at six factors: share of malicious computer activity; malicious code rank; spam zombies rank; phishing; bot rank; and attack origin.

The TOP five countries, according to a study were the Russia, China, Brazil. Nigeria and Vietnam. And its unexpectable, but South Korea at #14. North Korea didn't break into the top 20. We will look more detailed at Top 5 countries from this list.

 & post Soviet Union Countries

The cyber criminals in Russia use some of the most technologically advanced tools in the trade. But why Russia, and its smaller neighbors? Trained computer engineers and skilled techies in Russia and countries like Ukraine and Romania may be opting for lucrative underground work instead of the low-paying IT jobs.


China is another most popular country for hackers as well as primarily for gangs of criminals. Even in Chinese government is doing nothing against cybercrimes inside the country and outside, which has been linked to economic and political espionage against the U.S. In May, the Justice Department moved to charge five Chinese government officials with orchestrating cyber attacks against six major U.S. companies.


Brazil is an emerging cybercrime economy. Cyber Criminals there and across South America are increasingly learning from their counterparts in Eastern Europe via underground forums. They are also pay for Eastern European tools to use in their own attacks.


It is country with one of the most comfortable environment for cybercrimes. The Nigerian government has been slow to crackdown on spammers and hackers, even as more people connect to the Internet.


It is like broad base of tech expertise. The country has very long history of working with western software firms and tech companies. The communist government there has also been recruiting local hackers to spy on journalists, dissidents, and activists, according to the Electronic Frontier Foundation.

Even if you've never thought about geolocation of cybercrime or experienced cybercrime personally, it does not mean that for you there is no threat. Use MacKeeper security features and try to feel safe.