How ID Theft Guard and StopAd™ Protect Your Privacy

How ID Theft Guard and StopAd™ Protect Your Privacy

People around the world are increasingly concerned about their online privacy. It comes as no surprise, as companies openly use personal information to their benefit. Meanwhile, those companies can’t manage to keep that data safe and the scale of personal data breaches is growing.


As a result, personal records are exploited, sold, and resold by both businesses and hackers, while consumers struggle to protect their privacy. If you actively consider how to protect your identity and stay safe from browser tracking, you’ll know that it can appear to be a complicated task.


How we address the identity protection problem

At MacKeeper, we noticed how grave these issues are and decided to come up with specialized tools to help you with identity protection. ID Theft Guard and StopAd are our most recent solutions to automate some of your security efforts. Since May 2019, we’ve been running them in test mode, and in early September 2019, we launched them along with the latest MacKeeper update. 


Over time, we’ve received some statistics on how users interacted with ID Theft Guard and StopAd. We’re really proud of the way we helped our customers and we’re happy to share the findings with you!

How ID Theft Guard helps protect your identity

The concept of ID Theft Guard is that it instantly lets you know if your accounts have been compromised in a personal data breach. Here’s what this tool does:

  • Constantly monitors the internet for data breaches
  • Discovers and helps to secure exposed email addresses
  • Instantly alerts you if your accounts are at risk
  • Help you quickly change compromised passwords

You can try it yourself by getting MacKeeper.


How StopAd automates antitracking and ad blocking for you

StopAd was created to block online trackers and remove annoying ads while you surf the web. Being a browser extension, StopAd works with Google Chrome and Safari. This tool is based on an open-source list of ads and trackers, which is why it stays unbiased and up-to-date.


With StopAd, you are flexible in controlling the ads you allow to appear. You can choose to block ads on all the websites you visit or selectively allow them if you wish to support a certain resource.


We constantly monitor the usage of MacKeeper and the tools within it to provide you with ever-improving services. If you want to receive updates about our progress, be sure to subscribe below.

ID Theft Guard and StopAd usage statistics

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