MacKeeper™ Opens Digital Business School

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09 / 05 / 2015

MacKeeper™ Opens Digital Business School

MacKeeper Opens Digital Business School to Share Practical Knowledge Among Students

Earlier this month, MacKeeper has introduced the own-established Digital Business School to share its knowledge with university students. The school offers students a collaborative curriculum, which is  focused on advertising sales and services operations, an overview of advertising products,  and insight into the industry.

According to Gartner Research , by 2020, customers will manage 85% of their relationships without talking to a human.

As digital world becomes an essential part of our lives, it is extremely important to bring practical knowledge to the youth in order to involve them into the current business practices of software companies.

The way software companies perform differs from the majority of traditional businesses. Offline marketing activity is going backwards and is gradually being replaced by online practices,  especially in technology companies. MacKeeper educational initiative is aimed at building strong relationship with students and fresh graduates as well as  giving them an excellent opportunity to know more about online business .  

The goal is to teach how to make clear communication strategies that work and to turn ideas into meaningful connections between brand and audience.

"We try to bring real practical education to students and graduates in order to involve them into the world of online advertising," says Alexander Kernishniuk, MacKeeper’s CEO.

Up to 30 current university students and graduates are selected to participate in a free Digital Business School experience with MacKeeper.

The participants have the opportunity to meet with their sales and marketing team, engage in competition, participate in educational process,  and learn best practices from professionals.