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MacKeeper™ Goes Green

MacKeeper™ Goes Green

We all dream of a safe and clean environment around us—a world that is unaffected by our own consumption and activity. In reality, however, we use natural resources on a daily basis and influence the environment. MacKeeper, a market leader in production of software that is designed to simplify and optimize the Mac user experience, believes it only takes a few small changes to make a big difference in our world.

As part of the company’s newly launched GreenKeeper initiative, MacKeeper is committed to optimizing green living through the use of technology. From the way its office operates and is equipped, to features of MacKeeper’s software products, the GreenKeeper program creates a solid basis for both educational and effective influence on customers for improved environmental control. 

As an environmentally friendly company, MacKeeper has created the healthiest and most productive work environment for staff around the world with rest zones, gyms and green corners. The company stands by the fact that everything in its office from the floor to the ceiling is made of eco-friendly materials. As an example, MacKeeper designed its’ offices to leverage natural light in an effort to minimize energy consumption, as well as installed lights with energy-saving systems. Additionally, the company utilizes clean air through specialized building materials and products that adhere to today’s green construction standards.

When it comes to paper consumption, employees are encouraged to use minimal paper products to do their part to conserve. According the Ecology Global Network, about 800,000 tons of paper is used daily in offices around the world and MacKeeper seeks to improve this consumption. The entire MacKeeper office uses less paper than a single average employee during three months.
MacKeeper is also passionate about recycling. In many offices you will find tons of daily waste—from paper goods to faulty devices. In the US alone, 130,000 computers and more than 100 million mobile phones are thrown away every year, and most of them are not properly recycled.

The GreenKeeper program also encompasses sustainable food for employees and energy-efficient kitchens for better preparation. Employees are offered a variety of complimentary healthy and flavorful seasonal food each day, with a focus on locally sourced products.

But it’s not enough to simply follow the rules to develop an environmentally-friendly program—it’s important for MacKeeper’s product to become a part of the overall GreenKeeper initiative. That’s why it has created a high-end security and optimization software with the help of companies that participate in global green programs.

MacKeeper is the ultimate product developed to enhance Macs and keep them clean, thereby significantly reducing energy usage. The formula is simple: a clean system consumes less energy than a system that is full of viruses, unneeded files and clutter. Moreover, MacKeeper helps to prolong the Mac’s battery life without charging. It brings users one step closer to environmental conscientiousness.

At MacKeeper, employees work hard to minimize everyone’s environmental impact and make computers more effective. In fact, in one year of providing MacKeeper services to an active user, less energy is used than when driving one mile. Additionally, with the newest Human Inside Service, a customer assistance component that is integrated directly into the software, users no longer need to look for customer support phone numbers or emails. Just one click from within the interface and their SOS signals will be heard and promptly dealt with.

We can save the environment together. MacKeeper is always open to new cooperation and partnership opportunities within the GreenKeeper project and would be glad to see you as a member of its program. To learn more, please visit, follow MacKeeper on social media, or send an email to








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