Algorithms are not always the answer: MacKeeper Human Inside

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20 / 05 / 2015

Algorithms are not always the answer: MacKeeper Human Inside

“I literally sat back and watched a tech take care of my computer and clean it of any viruses or other whatnots!”, Daniel, NY, United States

In the era of customer support services the help features that consist only of the “help” button can be described as non-existent.

“That is why our main goal in perfecting the customer care was to merge various support tools into multifunctional human feature that would make an impression of the real expert taking care of your Mac - as if you are visiting service center while staying at home”, says Kostiantyn Burkovskyi, head of MacKeeper Support Department.

According to Shopper Approved more than 80% of users give MacKeeper Customer Care service excellent rate.

We launched Find&Fix for MacKeeper users to get a direct line between their Macs and  personal Apple Certified Support Professional, who can scan a computer for any risky items and fix them remotely. Users can also activate their personal Geeks-on-Demand who can help with a multitude of issues and questions ranging from OS-related topics to choosing the right computer.

The main benefit of our approach is that customers can address to our experts any kind of issues - it is not only about MacKeeper but also about the overall performance of Mac OS.   

“Many customers just do not like speaking on the phone. That is why we integrated live-chat feature that allows you to ask a question of one of our Apple Certified Support Professionals anytime, day or night.”, says Kostiantyn Burkovskyi.

Our customers are the ones who spread the word about us, and we are responsible for making their experience perfect with the Human Inside technology.