Computer Terms Every Mac User Should Know

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25 / 09 / 2015

Computer Terms Every Mac User Should Know

What do content filter, alias and spotlight search stand for?

Have you ever been puzzled by buzzwords that are used by Mac techies? Unless you are using Apple products for years you might be confused with some tech jargon. Take a look at the most commonly used Apple terms that we picked for you.  

#1. What are the Aliases? 

Alias is not only the TV show but also the small file that works likewise the Windows shortcuts. They can dynamically track the original file and can easily access a file that may be buried several folders deep. You can create an alias by clicking the name or icon of the file, program, or disk volume you want to alias and then choosing Make Alias from the Finder’s File menu. The keyboard spell for making aliases: Command+L.

#2. Content Filter

Content filter allows you to control the web sites that younger family members can visit. Content filters are a common feature of web filtering software, which may also include time management and other features. Mac OS X includes content filters in the form of managed user accounts.

#3. What is Spotlight Search? 

Spotlight is a desktop search utility that helps you search Mac files. Spotlight helps you quickly find anything on your Mac, including documents, e-mails, apps, songs, contacts, and more. It also provides Spotlight Suggestions from sources like Wikipedia, Bing, Maps, news and iTunes so you can get more information right in Spotlight. All you need to do is to lick the magnifying glass icon in the upper-right corner of the menu bar and enter a word or phrase you want to search for.

#4. Time Machine 

Time Machine is a backup software application distributed with the Apple OS X computer operating system. The software is designed to work with the Time Capsule storage product, as well as other internal and external disk drives. It was introduced in Mac OS X Leopard.

#5. What is Address Book? 

Address book is your personal organiser. You can easily create new contacts and groups. It interacts with other applications and can auto-complete contact information. For example, if you type the name into the "To" field, "Mail" will automatically get the full e-mail address from "Address Book" and insert it into that field.

#6. What is Xcode? 

Mac OS X software development environment. A program distributed for free by Apple that enables users to create Mac OS X and iOS software.