How to Record Sound on a Mac

How to Record Sound on a Mac

The audio recording function has numerous uses: starting from recording your thoughts, interviews, comments, or music to conducting streams and other popular online activities. However, when it comes to recording audio on a Mac, macOS doesn't offer many built-in tools.


For sound recording, you can use Voice Memos, QuickTime, or install one of the many third-party applications that best suit your tasks. Now let’s see how to record audio on Mac step by step.

How to record audio on a Mac using Voice Memos

Voice Memos app allows you to record voice on a Mac using the built-in microphone, a headset, or an external microphone. This is a convenient application for creating quick voice notes.


If the Voice Memos app is included in the synchronization list in your iCloud settings, your recordings will be available from all devices that use the same Apple ID.


1. To create a recording, select Voice Memos through Finder or using the Launchpad

2. To start creating an audio file, click the Record button

record button to start recording a voice note in memos

3. During the recording process, you have the options to pause and continue recording using the Pause/Continue buttons

4. To complete the recording, click the Done button in the bottom right corner

process of recording a voice note in memos

Depending on the settings, a new recording will be created, or your location will be saved as the title of the recording.


The saved audio can be listened to, edited, or shared. To do this, go to the app window and select any recording that appears in the list on the left, then choose the option you need from the menu.

edit and share voice note in top right corner

How to record audio on a Mac using QuickTime

Using the QuickTime Player, you can record your audios, edit, or share them.


The program allows you to record audio and video from the built-in camera and microphone, connect an external headset, or record the screen of your MacBook.


To record audio, follow these steps:

1. Locate the QuickTime Player in the Applications folder

2. Choose File > New Audio

start a new audio recording in file settings in quick time player

3. Select the arrow next to the Record button to configure the audio. Choose the microphone that will be used and the recording quality

voice note settings in quick time audio recording

4. Click the Record button to start recording. If necessary, control the sound in the process using the volume sliders

5. To stop recording, click the Record button again

change volume and stop recording quick time

In QuickTime, you have a wide selection of tools for editing audio and video recordings. You can cut the recording, delete the audio or video track, add inserts, and much more.


To edit your record, select the Edit option and the necessary editing feature, for example, Cut. Your recording will appear on the screen as a yellow bar with two sliders. By dragging these sliders, you can choose which part of the record will remain.

trim a new recording in quick time

Select the Play button and evaluate the accuracy of the cut.


To quickly view a fragment, use the trackpad by swiping with two fingers.


What do I need to record sound on my Mac?

To record sound on your MacBook, you can use the built-in or external microphone and a program to create the recording: Voice Memos, QuickTime, or any other application that meets your requirements.

How can I record my computer's audio and output to a speaker at the same time?

To capture audio from your MacBook and play it at the same time (for example, during streaming), you will need to install an additional utility or software.

Can I edit my file after recording?

After you record an audio file on a Mac, you can edit the audio in a recording program, for example, in QuickTime. You can cut it, combine it with another recording, or add a video track.

How to save voice memos on a Mac as audio files?

When you open the application, all voice memos you’ve saved show up as a list on the left. You can transfer each of these recordings to the home screen or share them with other users.


Pinch the desired recording and simply drag it outside the app window. To share, select a recording, and in the top right corner of the window, select the menu item with the up arrow. In the list that appears, select a sharing method.


By default, records are saved in .m4a format. To have them supported on other devices, you will need to use QuickTime and convert them to .mp3 format.


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