macOS 10.16: Release Date and Expectations
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macOS 10.16: Release Date and Expectations

Apple has a long-standing tradition of releasing a new macOS annually. While the grand release is probably a few months ahead, we are already super curious about this year’s macOS.


Although Apple keeps a low profile and such kind of information is top secret, experts from various communities, such as Techradar, MacWorld, MacRumors, and others have their own assumptions about the release date and the name of the new macOS 2020. Let’s have a look at what Mac lovers are anticipating.

When is the possible release date for the new macOS 10.16?

If we go back in history and trace all macOS release dates, it is very possible to discover the next macOS 10.16 in autumn 2020. Facts are facts, the release dates of the four previous versions prove this tendency:

  • macOS Catalina—October 7, 2019
  • macOS Mojave—September 29, 2018
  • macOS High Sierra—September 25, 2017
  • macOS Sierra—September 20, 2016

All we have to do is to keep patience and wait for WWDC 2020, Apple’s traditional summer conference, to find out the official release date of the next macOS version. Experts and Mac users bet on September 2020. And what is your guess?


In the meantime, while awaiting the macOS 10.16, make sure your Mac is running the most recent macOS, Catalina. If not, read this guide on how to upgrade to macOS Catalina.

What would a possible macOS name be like?

Apple has already left the big cat names for OS X (anyone remembers Mac OS X Puma from 2001?) and now shifted to naming after California landmarks. Apple claims to draw inspiration from such places.


The word on the street is that Apple is going to continue with this tradition. Some guesses have been made and here are  a few possible names to go alongside macOS 10.16, unless Apple moves up to macOS 11:

  • Marin
  • Monterey
  • Sacramento
  • Sequoia
  • Sonoma
  • Ventura

Our favorite one is definitely Sequoia. The Sequoia National Park in California is worth visiting to seek inspiration or at least googling.

How might the next macOS 10.16 look and feel?

What Apple has in mind for the upcoming version of macOS is becoming a heated discussion. YouTube tech channels start uploading video concepts of the next macOS 2020. Let’s have a look at some of them.



This macOS 10.16 visualization bets on the name Dolomites and includes quite fascinating guesses. For example, the possibility to pay with Face ID feature as the next step of Apple Pay is just mind-blowing and would definitely be a great addition to the new macOS 10.16. We do hope this comes true.



Meanwhile, this video concept for the upcoming macOS suggests that dark mode will become even darker and Finder will get a brand new design.

What new features might be added to the next macOS 10.16?  


Apple is currently testing new iMessage features, that’s why added functionality to Messages might be on its way to macOS 10.16 and iOS14.

What changes might this bring into communication via iMessages?

  • Mention system. Whenever you type the @ sign, this will suggest you tag someone from your contact list. For example, @Mom or @BFF.
  • Option to retract iMessages. Messages could be retracted after sending them. It will be visible to both recipients that a message has been retracted from the conversation. No more accidentally sent messages!
  • Unread status. If you need to re-read an important message and continuously forget to do so, marking the last message of dialogue as unread might help the situation.

A stable release

With the release of Catalina in October 2019, Mac users encountered a number of issues and bugs. For example, macOS Catalina won’t install, some apps won’t respond, or Macs run slow—all of these situations were confusing for Mac enthusiasts. Upgrading to macOS 10.16 worry-free and enjoying all the new features is an enticing idea. With no surprises.

Better AirPod support

Connecting your AirPods to either your iPhone or Mac is somewhat liberating. However, there’s always room for improvement, especially with AirPods Pro. Experts believe that the setup procedure for AirPods could be improved to make it easier to pair your wireless earbuds with your Mac.  

iPhone auto-unlock

Starting with macOS Sierra Mac users can unlock their Mac with Apple Watch, so why don’t iPhones do the same on macOS 10.16? Not everyone with a Mac is wearing an Apple Watch, right? Many iPhone users would appreciate this cool feature.

Health app

Wouldn’t it be great to have the Health app synced with your iPhone and pinned to the Dock for quick access? Keeping an eye on calories burnt during the day or steps made would definitely help to keep the doctor away!

Clock app

Having a Clock app with alarms, stopwatch, and world clock would save the trouble to look for a similar app on the App Store. Besides, knowing the time in New York or Lisbon sounds like a good idea.

Multiple docks

The Dock has a monopoly if you operate on multiple displays. Currently, there’s no option to make changes to what’s on the Dock yet. Mac users say that the possibility to edit what’s pinned to the Dock on separate displays would be a game-changer. This would simplify coding or photo-editing, for example.


Imagine jumping back two weeks back in time to check what alterations had been made to the project you’re currently working on. This could be a handy feature to save your time and see the progress that has been made by recreating the two-weeks-back working environment.

What else will Apple WWDC 2020 hold for us?

The 31st WWDC (Worldwide Developers Conference) welcomes a new format. The great news is that COVID-19 didn’t become an obstacle to the aspirations of Apple. Phew!  


Some experts believe Apple is going to unveil watchOS 7, iOS 14, and, of course, macOS 10.16. Besides, the digital community expects to get some news on an update to iPadOS and its latest software. Others crave to see brand new Apple devices such as iPhone 12, a Bluetooth tracker called AirTags, and AirPods 3.


One of Apple’s executives stated that WWDC 2020 is going to be big. We are thrilled! How about you? Don’t forget to save the date and add it to your calendar. An all-new online event will start off on June 22.


We hope you’re as curious about the next macOS as we are! Stay tuned for the updates!

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