6 Ways to Say “I Love You”
to Your Mac


Protect Your Beloved

  • 431M
    new #malware variants appear each year
  • 56,000
    ransomware infections registered only in March 2016
  • Over 2 billion
    records were stolen or leaked in 2016 alone*

This St. Valentine’s Day be safe online and offline and use protection! Run an Antivirus scan at least once a week and activate Real-Time Safe Browsing.

Get MacKeeper Protection

*According to AVTest statistics


Never Miss What You Love

Keep your Mac away from fire, BBQs and marshmallow roasting parties, drinks, sinks, bathtubs, shower stalls and... thieves. Don't judge the joke, it was made up by a Robot :)

Seriously, use your own personal “bodyguards” to protect your Mac from thieves, loss, or unwanted access:

  • Activate MacKeeper Anti-Theft Feature on your Mac
  • Install the Track My Mac application on your phone
  • Control your Mac from everywhere and all the time
  • And yeah, this feature is FREE!

Read HOW TO create a perfect trap for a thief & increase the chances of finding your missing Mac.


Give It a Vacation

Your Mac may also be tired. Just give it a break, it’s easy:

  • Reboot your Mac at least once a week, to restart important system processes.
  • Quit an app as soon as your work with it is over. Your Mac will say ‘thank you’!
  • Clear your desktop or at least minimize the number of items you store there as they eat up your RAM!
  • Empty your trash every day.

Show Your Clean Pure Love

‘Love me tender, love me true…’

No cleaning your Mac with alcohol, no glass cleaners of any variety, no acetone, no lens cleaning and aerosol sprays, solvents, or abrasives… only use a damp, soft lint-free cloth and water to clean your Mac’s ‘body’.

To clean your Mac’s ‘heart & soul’ from thousands of junk files, use MacKeeper’s set of tools. While cleaning, imagine you are playing a love song on a piano to your Valentine.

Your Mac will love it!

We love you!

If you've read this far, you deserve a medal. If you actually take these simple steps to make your Mac healthier and your data more secure in 2017, you’re even more awesome.


Speak the Same Language

Real love does not need words … only shortcuts!

  • ⌘ + Z - Undo
  • ⌘ + C - Copy
  • ⌘ + V - Paste
  • ⌘ + X - Cut
  • alt (⌥) + ⌘ + Esc - Force Quit
  • ⌘ + Q - Quit the frontmost app
  • Shift + ⌘ + 3 - Screenshot of the entire screen

Give Something Special

Your Mac deserves special approach. Give it a different look with a cool welcome screen image:

  • Press Command ⌘-Shift ⇧-G.
  • Type “/Library/Caches” and click Go.
  • Choose the picture that you want to set as a login screen (PNG format) and rename it to com.apple.desktop.admin.png.
  • Copy the picture to the cache folder and remove the previous one.
  • Then just restart your Mac to apply the changes.

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MacKeeper Love Chart

  • 2%Innovations
  • 6%Break the limits
  • 7%Get back stolen Macs (with the lovely Track My Mac App)
  • 8%Make Macs work like the new ones
  • 77%Happy You

Thanks for loving MacKeeper!

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