MacKeeper™ - Memory Cleaner

Memory Cleaner

Automatically optimizes and monitors your Mac's RAM memory while you are performing your daily tasks. Best solution after you have finished using intensive apps or games.

Start the scan and clean the inactive memory of your Mac with a single click. Use the advanced option of Memory Cleaner to set up automatic cleanup. Quickly run Memory Cleaner from the menu bar for better performance.

  • MacKeeper™ Memory Cleaner - Simplified memory control of your Mac
  • MacKeeper™ Memory Cleaner - Cleans your Mac's RAM
  • MacKeeper™ Memory Cleaner: Automatic Cleanup mode
Fast Cleanup

Fast Cleanup

Quickly remove junk files (such as temporary caches, logs, unused language packages and legacy application parts) that take up hard drive space and slow down your Mac.

  • MacKeeper™ Binaries Cutter service
  • MacKeeper™ Cache Cleaner service
  • MacKeeper™ Languages Cutter service
  • MacKeeper™ Logs Cleaner service

Binaries Cutter

Remove application files that were designed for other platforms, such as Intel or PowerPC. These files are unnecessary and can be safely removed without impairing application performance.

Binaries Cutter scans your applications and locates the files designed for other platforms. These files will be marked for removal upon your approval. The files that were designed for the platform that your Mac uses will be left untouched.

Languages Cutter

Your system and your applications contain many large language files for languages that you may not understand. These files serve no other purpose than to take up space on your hard drive.

Languages Cutter scans your system and your applications for different interface languages that waste disk space. Languages you wish to keep will be excluded from the scan so that you don't accidentally delete them. Simply define which languages you wish to exclude under Preferences.

Logs Cleaner

Macs collect system and user log files, which contain events that have been “logged” by your computer. These files can be safely removed without impairing any system functions.

Logs Cleaner scans your hard drive for system and user log files that waste disk space. If you wish to keep any of these files for any reason, simply uncheck them after the scan and they will not be removed.

Cache Cleaner

System and user cache files are created to store information that can be used later to speed up certain tasks. They are also used by your browser to make online activity more efficient. However, over time, these files build up and take up large amounts of space. Removing them is safe and can free up extra space on your hard drive.

Cache Cleaner scans your hard drive for system and user cache files that waste your disk space. If you wish to keep any of these files for any reason, simply uncheck them after the scan and they will not be removed.

Smart Uninstaller

Smart Uninstaller

Prevent future junk by making sure that you're not just sweeping old applications under the rug when you are trying to delete them. When you drag an application to the Trash, its preferences, caches and logs stay behind on your Mac's hard drive. These files no longer serve any purpose and just waste space.

Use Smart Uninstaller instead of dragging applications to the Trash. Smart Uninstaller completely removes applications, widgets, preference panes and plug-ins so you can be sure the applications you don't want are well and truly removed.

Duplicate Finder

Duplicates Finder

Deleting unnecessary copies of your files can slim down your hard drive and free up disk space on your Mac.

Duplicates Finder can even find file copies with different names. Duplicates Finder looks for file copies that take up space on your Mac's hard drive. Duplicate files are located and listed for you, but won't be deleted without your approval.

Disk Usage

Disk Usage

Visualize the size of the folders on your hard drive so you can tell at a glance which folders are taking up the most space.

Use this tool to find out where you need to slim down your collection, or to find big files you have lost or forgotten about. You may be surprised how big some of the files lurking deep in your Mac's hard drive are. Disk Usage scans your folders and marks them with different colors depending on size:

  • more than 10 Gb
  • from 1 Gb to 10 Gb
  • from 1 Mb to 1 Gb
  • from 1 Kb to 1 Mb
  • not scanned
  • scanning ...