What can you do in such case?

Submit the False Positive Report to the Security Software Vendor

As software developers we strongly advise you to submit a “false positive” report to the vendor. For large security software vendors it may take many false positive submissions before they are noticed and can invest their time and resources to investigate.

  • Go to the official website of your Security Software

  • Find the page where you can report a False Positive Detection

  • Otherwise contact the support department to find the submission form

How can you check any other application or file that is downloaded from the Internet?

Make a NoDistribute scan

When you download a file that is marked as a virus, but you believe that it’s not, make a quick scan to see more results. NoDistribute makes a scan by using 35 antivirus programs so that you could see the most exact results.

If most antiviruses mark the file as malware, then your antivirus was right.

Mark the file as 'do not scan'

After making sure that the program is clean though the vendor keeps detecting it as malicious, mark the file as 'do not scan'.