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Find & Fix


How Find & Fix works  

How to fix items found on your Mac  

How to review each item before fixing it  

How to fix all items safely in a click


The Find & Fix feature scans all MacKeeper tools at once so you can fix all items in a click. Find & Fix is divided into Cleaning, Performance, Privacy, and Security categories—identical to the MacKeeper sidebar. Each category uses a specific group of MacKeeper features to scan and fix items on a Mac. Use Find & Fix for an all-in-one Mac quick scan, or go feature-by-feature for advanced functionality. 

How Find & Fix works

The fastest way to check your Mac for items is to run Find & Fix. It quickly runs all the feature scans in one window and assigns a MacKeeper status once the scan is over. To check your Mac, follow these steps:

  • Step 1. Open MacKeeper, and select Find & Fix at the top of the left sidebar 
  • Step 2. Click the blue Start Scan button at the bottom of MacKeeper window (Note: If you click Stop Scan while the check is in progress, MacKeeper will not save the scan results)
  • Step 3. When the scan is over, you should see your results, your MacKeeper status, and messages in the right sidebar chat from our MacKeeper Support Team.
  • Step 4. For more details about your MacKeeper status, click the question mark icon next to the status name—you should see your MacKeeper status explained on the pop-up notification

How to fix items found on your Mac

Once you know your MacKeeper status, you can proceed to fix items found on your Mac. You can either fix all items at once or manually review specific features, like plugins.

How to review each item before fixing it

To learn more details and fix items selectively, do the following:

  • Step 1. Click Details below one of the four categories 
  • Step 2. View the items found below each feature’s name in the left panel 
  • Step 3. Check the short description to the right to learn why these items matter 
  • Step 4. Check other categories by selecting another tab at the top of the window
  • Step 5. Click the category name you want to learn more about
  • Step 6. Clicking Details next to the item description will redirect you to the corresponding feature— follow the onscreen instructions to fix specific items, run the feature scan, or install the feature components 

How to fix all items safely in a click

When the Find & Fix scan is over, you will see a button to fix all found items.

  • Step 1. To fix all items in one go, click Fix Items Safely
  • Step 2. Confirm your choice whenever MacKeeper asks your consent to install a component or remove a file
  • Step 3. Confirm installation of Track My Mac if it hasn’t been installed yet—click Agree in the notification window to start installing this feature, or click Disagree to skip this step
  • Step 4. As the fix progresses, you can see the found items that are automatically fixed by looking for the progress circle in the left sidebar next to the MacKeeper feature being worked on at the moment 
  • Step 5. Click the feature name with the progress circle to see details of the fix
  • Step 6. To interrupt the full fix, select the grey Stop Fix button
  • Step 7. To fix items after you’ve interrupted the fix, you’ll have to restart the scan—click the grey Rescan button to start over
  • Step 8. Once you finish fixing the items, click Done
  • Step 9. Now that the full fix is complete, in the status circle, you should see the date and time that the last full fix was performed

Use Find & Fix to easily scan your Mac for cleaning, performance, security, and privacy items. Then, fix them in a click to enjoy a worry-free Mac. 


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