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MacKeeper Tutorials Full Disk Access and Why MacKeeper Needs It

Full Disk Access and Why MacKeeper Needs It

Starting with macOS Mojave, Apple introduced several privacy control tools to improve the security of its customers’ information. If you have macOS Mojave or Catalina, this impacts your use of MacKeeper unless you grant it Full Disk Access (FDA). Why? Let’s dive a bit deeper.

What is Full Disk Access?

Full Disk Access is a security feature that prevents some third-party apps from accessing your important data without your permission. However, some applications, such as backup apps, antiviruses, and cleaning apps, do require full access to operate successfully.

When to give Full Disk Access?

Even though numerous apps require Full Disk Access, you shouldn’t provide it for all of them. First, check that the app comes from a reliable source. Therefore, we recommend only downloading apps from the App Store or official websites. Secondly, take a look through the explanations given when apps ask for access.

Why MacKeeper needs Full Disk Access

By providing MacKeeper with the Full Disk Access, you get:

  • Maximum protection from malware and viruses
  • Capability to detect all possible junk files
  • Full MacKeeper functionality

Without FDA, MacKeeper can’t provide full protection potentially resulting in the following:

  • Not all folders get scanned
  • Only some threats get detected
  • Some security threats may remain

How to enable Full Disk Access for MacKeeper

Follow the next steps to enable FDA:

1. Click the Apple icon in the top left corner

2. Open System Preferences → Security & Privacy

3. Click the Privacy tab and find the Full Disk Access in the left pane

4. Click the 🔒Lock icon to make changes


5. Enter your admin password (the one that is required to log in to your Mac) and click Unlock

6. Click the + button

7. Navigate to Applications and select MacKeeper


8. Click Quit Now to relaunch MacKeeper


All done! Now MacKeeper has Full Disk Access to scan, clean, and protect your Mac. Go you!

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