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MacKeeper Tutorials VPN Private Connect

VPN Private Connect

VPN Private Connect is MacKeeper’s built-in Mac VPN client tool. ‘VPN’ stands for Virtual Private Network; it is an additional security layer for your internet connection.  

When you turn a VPN on, it is hard to track where the data you send comes from. The website you are on will see the data coming from a virtual private network, not from your device in your location. 

Furthermore, the data is encrypted and even if someone could look into it, they would not be able to see your raw data.  

A VPN is a good way to protect your sensitive information online. 

How to set up a VPN on Mac

It’s easy to set up a VPN on Mac if you are using MacKeeper.

  • Step 1. Open MacKeeper, and select Private Connect from the left sidebar
  • How to set up a VPN on Mac
  • Step 2. To learn more what VPN Private Connect is, click the blue info circle
  • Step 3. When you open VPN Private Connect for the first time, MacKeeper will display a brief introduction; click Next to go to the next screen, or Skip to bypass the introduction and get right into the tool
  • Step 4. You may see a dialog window asking to install a new component—enter your username and password to allow the Mac VPN client software to install, then click Install Helper
  • Step 5. Now the best VPN client for your Mac is ready to use!

How to connect to a VPN on Mac

You can connect to a VPN on Mac by clicking MacKeeper on the menu bar or accessing the Private Connect tool in the MacKeeper app. 

You may see a feature called 'Best Server' location. This is an option that automatically looks for the server with the least delay. If you connect to Best Server, you can surf with the best internet speed among all available servers. Select Best Server location when you need a fast connection. 

If you need to connect to a server from a specific location, open the MacKeeper app to select it. 

  • Step 1. Select Private Connect from the left MacKeeper sidebar
  • Step 2. Select a VPN server location from the list
  • Step 3. Click Turn On
  • Step 4. The VPN will start connecting; it may take a few moments
  • Step 5 .When your Mac is connected to the VPN, you will see a notification in the VPN Private Connect tab saying: “You’re using Private Connect”
  • Step 6. If you have a MacKeeper logo on your menu bar, it will show a VPN mark meaning VPN Private Connect is on
  • Step 7. To turn off VPN Private Connect, click the blue Turn Off button in your MacKeeper app

Here’s how you can connect to a VPN quickly without opening the MacKeeper app:

  • Click the MacKeeper logo on your menu bar,  and click Turn On next to VPN Private Connect
  • When VPN Private Connect is turned on, you will see the VPN mark on the MacKeeper logo on your menu bar—the server location will be indicated below

You will be connected to the server location selected in the Private Connect settings. 

How to use VPN on Mac

There are two ways of using a VPN on your Mac, depending on your needs and the reason for installing a VPN service.  

If you only turn the VPN on occasionally when needed 

You may want to turn a VPN on when you need to access geo-restricted content or use a public Wi-Fi network. You may turn the VPN off if there’s no need for it anymore. 

  • Step 1. Click the MacKeeper logo on the menu bar, and click Turn On next to VPN Private Connect in the dropdown
  • Step 2. If you need to change the server location, hover your pointer over VPN Private Connect, and click Set up VPN
  • Step 3. MacKeeper VPN Private Connect will open; select the server location from the list, and click Turn On 
  • Step 4. Enjoy a secure connection without limits
  • Step 5. When you don’t need the VPN anymore, turn it off by clicking the MacKeeper logo on the menu bar, then clicking Turn Off next to VPN Private Connect in the dropdown

If you want to keep a VPN turned on all the time

If you are concerned about your security and would like to protect your connection all the time, keep a VPN turned on. The best way to do it is to connect it automatically when you start your Mac. Here’s how to set it up: 

  • Open Private Connect in MacKeeper, and select the ‘Connect automatically when I start my Mac’ checkbox (it appears after using VPN Private Connect at least once)
  • Next time your Mac starts, MacKeeper will turn VPN Private Connect on automatically—you will see the VPN mark on the MacKeeper logo confirming the VPN is on

Are there any requirements for using VPN Private Connect

To run VPN Private Connect properly you need a sufficiently strong internet connection. The minimum internet speed should be 512 Kbps. However, we recommend a speed of at least 1 Mbps for the most comfortable internet surfing.  

To avoid connection interruptions and slow-downs, we don’t recommend using multiple VPN apps or services at the same time.

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