Terrific, awesome, cognitive, sometimes empirical and full of surprises, but
anyway the year remains productive. Yes, this year we had a lot of developments,
let’s recall them all:


new versions

We have released 24 new versions with improvements and bug fixes.

Track My Mac

MacKeeper has released the iOS Anti-Theft app called Track My Mac. The app allows to track your lost or stolen
Mac, lock and unlock it remotely, and much more.

I found my Mac with
Track My Mac.
I’m happy!

Furthermore, MacKeeper Anti-Theft system has been expanded with
the features that allow to protect a missing Mac even if it is offline:

  • Spy Lock
    With this feature you can get an
    evidence of unauthorized access
    by making a snapshot of the
    person who enters the incorrect
  • Quick Lock
    Allows to set your desired
    keyboard shortcut to lock the
    screen on a Mac.
  • Timeout
    Allows to set a time frame to
    require the password after the
    Sleep or Screen Saver mode is

Want some more interesting figures? Here you are:

7 000 000

Macs worldwide

Over the past year, MacKeeper has scanned and fixed more than 7 million Macs worldwide.

291 000

cleaned Macs

MacKeeper has cleaned 323 thousand Macs from duplicates.

MacKeeper customer support has handled more than

  • 158 000
  • 100 000
  • 89 000

1 190 000


More than 1 190 000 systems have been scanned for viruses.

Security Research Center

In early 2016, MacKeeper and a white-hat security researcher Chris Vickery founded the Security Research Center. The Security Research Center specializes in finding and securing unprotected databases online. Since then, MacKeeper has secured more than 25 vulnerable databases with millions of user credentials.



MacKeeper has been mentioned in media more than 200 times in 2016,
and here are some of these mentions:

We have established partnership with a smart firewall “Cujo” to protect Smart
Homes from cyber threats.

We have launched two initiatives:

Donation Program that supports environmental and charitable movements all around the world by donating free
licenses to non-profit organizations.

At the end of the year, MacKeeper has started cooperation with American Foundation for Children with Aids and
donated $1 for every 10 seconds spent by a customer on hold. This money has been spent on equipment for a
school in the village Miwani, Kenya.

And during all of that, we ate and drank:

  • 40 000
    cups of coffee
  • 2116 lb
    of cookies
  • 2409 pt
    of milk

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