Not another app uninstaller for Mac

Besides complete app removal, MacKeeper Smart Uninstaller can delete any widgets, plugins, or browser extensions you no longer need.

What makes our Mac uninstaller truly smart?

Enjoy super easy app removal

Just a few clicks is all you need to make sure the app you no longer want is gone for good. Select, remove, confirm, delete—that’s how easily MacKeeper software works.

See unused apps first

Why keep an app you haven’t used for 6 months? MacKeeper marks them with an orange Unused label. Discover what your macOS is hiding!

Free up tons of disk space

It’s not only about the apps. See what’s eating up your Mac storage—from useless extensions to forgotten widgets. Free up your disk space for something more important than junk.

Sort and manage your apps

MacKeeper easily sorts your Mac software by name, size, or frequency of use—whatever works best for you. You take control of what’s on your Mac and what shouldn't be there.

Dragging apps to the Trash? Hold on.

The app’s leftover files will remain scattered throughout your Mac, launching broken processes that are simply wasting its resources. But MacKeeper can completely delete apps on your Mac along with their leftovers.

Leave no junk behind, no matter how you uninstall Mac apps

MacKeeper completely purges apps along with all their leftover files. Even if you decide to drag the unneeded app to the Trash, we’ll remind you to remove leftovers too, so your Mac stays perfectly clean.

Remove unneeded browser extensions

Too many extensions can slow down your browser speed. MacKeeper shows all Chrome, Safari, and Firefox extensions—you just select which ones you don’t need and wipe them out (without rummaging through every browser’s settings.)

Get rid of useless widgets or plugins

You decide which ones to keep. Whether these are macOS default or third party, MacKeeper can easily get rid of useless widgets and plugins clogging your hard drive. Set your Mac free from space-hoggers.

Need help?

Chat with us right from the MacKeeper app. Get the best tech recommendations from real people at any time, 24/7. Our experts are happy to help you with anything MacKeeper.

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The best Mac tools in a single app

MacKeeper is an app cleaner for Macs, antivirus, VPN, ad blocker, speed optimizer; you name it, we’ve got it. All the tools above, plus a team of dedicated tech experts ready to help you 24/7 in a built-in live chat.

Regular Mac cleaning software
Storage cleanup
Mac uninstaller tool
Mostly included
Performance optimization
Mostly included
Update tracker, memory cleaner & startup optimizer Included
Virus & malware protection
Not included
Identity theft protection
Not included
Built-in, included in every plan
Virtual Private Network (VPN)
Not included
Built-in, no usage limits
Ad blocking & anti-tracking
Rarely available
Included, works both in Safari & Chrome
24/7 live chat
Rarely available
Built-in, direct access from the app

Is your Mac all set?

If it meets these system requirements, feel free to download MacKeeper and start a total Mac cleanup.

  • Operating System: Mac OS X
    10.9 or later
  • CPU: 64-bit Intel-based processor or newer
  • RAM: 2GB
  • Disk Space: 100MB

You aren’t just uninstalling apps on Mac

See the other awesome things MacKeeper can do.


We’ll alert you if your passwords ever get compromised. Plus, we’ll block ads and trackers as you browse and secure your connection with VPN. Time to feel safe in a world that is anything but.


Our real-time protection keeps you safe 24/7. We’ll stop viruses, adware, and other major threats before they try to damage your Mac files or do any other harm.


Get your Mac’s disk space back. MacKeeper removes junk files, caches, logs, useless duplicates, and unused apps and widgets. Try it out and we bet your Mac has never felt so clean.


Help your Mac speed with one-click optimization. MacKeeper can remove things that slow down your Mac startup, free up your RAM memory, and simultaneously update dozens of apps.

Just a few frequently asked questions

This is what our users often ask about MacKeeper’s Smart Uninstaller tool.

Is Smart Uninstaller free?

The first app removal with Smart Uninstaller is absolutely free once you create your MacKeeper account.

How can I remove an app with MacKeeper?

Smart Uninstaller is a simple and convenient tool to delete apps on Mac. Use it when you want to completely delete apps on your Mac. To remove the app completely:

  • Open MacKeeper and go to Smart Uninstaller from the left sidebar
  • Select the checkboxes next to the apps you want delete
  • Click Remove Selected once you’re done
  • Confirm the removal by clicking Remove in the dialog window
For security reasons, default macOS software cannot be removed using MacKeeper.

What else can I remove with Smart Uninstaller?

Besides the apps, you can also remove widgets, preferences panes, browser extensions, plugins and leftovers.

  • Widgets are mini apps you can find on your dashboard. They give you quick access to your contacts and events without having to open up an app.
  • Preference panes are third-party app settings located at the bottom of the macOS System Preferences window called Other
  • Also known as add-ons, extensions are web browser components that add some extra functionality.
  • Plugins are application components that use functionality and content from other apps.
  • Leftovers are parts of applications that persist after manual deletion by putting an app in the Trash.

Is the app removal automatic?

Both yes and no. You need to choose which apps to remove and confirm it first. Then, MacKeeper will automatically remove the selected apps along with all leftovers.

Can I retrieve the deleted app back with MacKeeper?

Unfortunately, you can’t get the deleted application back. Smart Uninstaller was created for the complete removal of an app. If you need to get the deleted app back, you need to install it again from scratch, or use a Time Machine.

Want a good app cleaner for Mac?

Get great multilayered protection and Mac speed optimization too—along with great people to support you 24/7.

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