Download MacKeeper’s VPN for Mac to browse securely

MacKeeper VPN secures your internet connection in a click. Shop or bank online safely—we’ll encrypt the data you transfer over Wi-Fi, mask your real IP address, and keep your browsing preferences private.

Don’t risk your data, use a VPN client

Secure your payments

VPN (Virtual private Network) works like a safe tunnel between you and the website. Shop or bank online safely—your payment data is encrypted.

Access your favorite content

It’s fast and simple: open MacKeeper and choose your preferred location. Done! Enjoy unlocked TV shows and games restricted in your region.

Hide your activity from ISP

Internet providers are always ready to sell your browsing history to advertisers. But MacKeeper is a reliable and safe way to disguise what you do online.

Protect your Wi-Fi data

Hackers love public Wi-Fi unless you use VPN. It secures your internet connection and hides the private data you send on Wi-Fi.

MacKeeper owns all best Mac VPN features

Servers all over the planet

Browse from virtually anywhere. We’ve got 296 locations in 50 countries to choose from.

Automatic connection at startup

In case you forget to turn on the VPN, we’ll do that for you as soon as you start browsing.

Military-grade encryption

We use top-notch algorithms (like AES-256) that would take hackers billions of years to breach.

WebRTC and DNS leak protection

Enjoy extra VPN security— we hide your public IP address from breaches.

No spoofing database

We don’t use virtual locations. All our servers have physical locations—for better connection speed.

Set up your VPN for Mac, it’s easy

  • 1. Open MacKeeper and go to VPN Private Connect
  • 2. Select your preferred VPN location from the list. Choose Best Server to surf with the fastest internet speed possible.
  • 3. Click the Clean Memory button
  • 4. Click Turn On and enjoy private browsing

Protect your browsing history from third parties

While not every internet provider is snooping on your activity, nothing can stop them from doing so. Well, except VPN. It encrypts your connection so your traffic goes through another server, hiding your identity from ISPs. Your search queries stay hidden from advertisers who can no longer target you with ads. Masks on.

Encrypt your data on public Wi-Fi networks

Connecting to a password-free hotspot in a café, hotel, or airport? Hackers can act fast and steal the data you share. That’s when you need MacKeeper to step in and make your connection truly anonymous by hiding your browsing data.

Whenever there's trouble...

Count on us. Professional help from real people is available right in the MacKeeper app. Chat to us 24/7 and get a fast and professional answer to your tech questions. We’re all ears!

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Think other VPNs are better?

Totally your call. But have you seen a VPN client for Mac powerful enough to remove viruses, detect leaked passwords, block ads, and clean up Mac’s space—all in 1 click? See for yourself.

Regular Mac security software
VPN (Virtual Private Network)
Offered separately in premium plans only, limited servers
Built-in, no usage limits
Adware monitoring
Real-time virus removal
ID theft protection
Offered in premium plans only as a separate service
Built-in, included in every plan
Ad blocker & anti-tracking
Rarely available
Included, works both in Safari & Chrome
Disk space cleanup
Included in some antiviruses
Performance optimization
Included in some, but missing update tracking
Update tracker, memory cleaner & startup optimizer Included
24/7 live chat
Available only on websites
Built-in, direct access from the app

Here are the system requirements

Check if your Mac meets them. If the answer is yes, you can download MacKeeper right away.

  • Operating System: Mac OS X
    10.9 or later
  • CPU: 64-bit Intel-based processor or newer
  • RAM: 2GB
  • Disk Space: 100MB

Mac VPN client is just 1 out of 12 of our tools

See the other awesome things MacKeeper does for your Mac.


Get instant data breach alerts, change compromised passwords while browsing ad- and tracker-free. MacKeeper helps you take your privacy back.


Remove viruses, adware, and other threats before they try to do any harm to your Mac. With real-time protection, you’re safe 24/7.


Free up gigabytes of disk space with MacKeeper. Purge everything bogging down your Mac—from junk files to useless duplicates and unused apps.


Optimize the speed of your Mac in a click. MacKeeper will clean up your RAM memory, update your apps in one go, and even help Mac start faster. Are you ready?

What you should know about our Mac VPN

Check out some FAQs about our VPN Private Connect tool.

What is VPN Private Connect?

VPN Private Connect is MacKeeper’s built-in Mac VPN client tool. VPN stands for Virtual Private Network; it is an additional security layer for your internet connection. When you turn a VPN on, it is hard to track where the data you send comes from. The website you are on will see the data coming from a virtual private network, not from your device in your location. What’s more, the data is encrypted - even if someone could look into it, they would not be able to see your raw data. A VPN is a good way to protect your sensitive info online.

How can I install VPN on Mac?

When using MacKeeper for the first time, you’ll need to follow a few steps to get started with VPN:

1. Open MacKeeper, and select Private Connect from the left sidebar

2. Read the intro and click the blue Next button

3. When prompted, enter your username and password to allow the Mac VPN client software to install, then click Install Helper

That’s it, your VPN is ready. Just click Turn On and enjoy a safe and secure connection.

Do I need to manually turn on VPN every time?

You can, but there’s an easier way:

1. Open MacKeeper, and select Private Connect from the left sidebar

2. Select the Connect automatically when I start my Mac checkbox below the blue Turn On button

3. Enjoy secure browsing—VPN will always be on to safeguard your data

Can I connect to VPN without opening MacKeeper?

Sure. Alternatively, you can click the MacKeeper logo from your menu bar and click Turn On next to VPN Private Connect. Done!

Why can't I open some websites when VPN Private Connect is on?

So, some websites and services may not be accessible if VPN is on. That's because the precise location of a user is a big thing for them. For instance, users from different countries may see different prices on the same website. As a result, many streaming services and online shops have extra protection against VPN services. They can detect your VPN and block the webpage until you turn it off.

More security.
One subscription.

Choose MacKeeper to save an insane amount of money. It has the antivirus, ad blocker, disk cleaner, performance optimizer, and even ID theft protection—each of these separate apps might cost even more than MacKeeper. So, why not get more and spend less?

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