“It's not how much we give, but how much love we put into giving.”

With your support, we have provided more than 200 children in Mivany, Kenya with sanitary units, clean water, school equipment, and medical supplies. We have partnered with American Foundation for Children with AIDS with the main purpose to make the learning process safe and make facilities that are clean and hygienic. In 2017, we personally met some of the children who we are helping. Have a look at our charity trip to Kenya.

Why Kenya?


17% of people from 15 to 24 years old are illiterate


43% live below the poverty line


Just 4% of the students are enrolled in higher education


70% of the rural inhabitants lack sanitation

During the week and a half there, the team painted the corrugated iron school inside and out, painted inside the medical clinic and orphanage, taught sewing to the local adults, sorted a huge assortment of donated clothes, gave two Astronomy and Internet lessons, so the kids got a better understanding of how the Internet works, and hosted a great kids party. Furthermore, every evening, the kids from the orphanage had an open-air cinema with cartoon movies that were shown via a pocket TV-sized projector.

Kromtech started its partnership with the AFCA in 2016 within the initiative “$1 for every 10 seconds on hold.” Kromtech not only develops software, but also offers a complete customer support service to assist users with any software-related issues. If the hold time with a remote support specialist takes more than 1 minute, Kromtech donates $1 for every 10 seconds spent by a customer on the phone.

Before Kromtech, children didn’t have decent bathrooms to use in school. Now, they have them as well as clean water, desks, and schoolbooks. So it has been something that is actually changing their lives

Tanya Weaver

- Director of American Foundation for Children With AIDS