Find and Fix feature

Find & Fix

Get a direct line between your Mac and your personal Personal tech experts, who can scan your Mac for any risky items and fix them remotely. Having a real human expert at your disposal means that even sophisticated problems, which normal scanning software might miss or ignore, can be quickly and easily solved.

Find and Fix - Total system status Find and Fix - Apple Certified Support Professional
Find Fix

How it works

  • 1

    System Scan

    MacKeeper™ scans your system for junk files, security gaps and performance discrepancies.

  • 2


    Based on the system scan results, MacKeeper™ creates a report and securely transmits it to your remote expert.

  • 3

    Built-In Chat

    Your personal Personal tech experts connects via built-in chat to be ready with answers to all your questions.

  • 4


    Together with you, the expert analyzes the data and reports back to you, explaining every single detail.

  • 5


    Using the results of the report, an automatic fix of the found items is applied.


During the Find & Fix procedure, MacKeeper™ does not collect or analyze any of your private data. For more information, see our Privacy policy.

System Status

See your Mac's health at a glance. System Status appears every time you open MacKeeper™ to help you monitor your Mac's current condition. A simplified overview of your Mac's status, as well as a quick view of any cleaning, performance or security items that may affect your Mac, make it easy to keep on top of your Mac's well-being. If System Status is showing risky items on your Mac, simply run Find & Fix to get an Personal tech experts to take care of them.

24/7 Live Support

MacKeeper™ includes an integrated live-chat feature that allows you to ask a question of one of our Personal tech experts anytime, day or night. You can also contact us by phone or by email – whichever is most convenient for you.

Geek on Demand Feature

Geek On Demand

Geek on Demand is the ultimate tool when you have a problem or question related to your Mac's health and need an expert's opinion or technical assistance. All demands are looked at individually by Personal tech experts.

Describe your problem or question to one of our experts. You don't need any technical background; simply describe your Mac-related problem or question in as much detail as you can.
You will receive a guaranteed answer within 48 hours!

Geek on Demand - get expert technical assistance Geek on Demand - Apple Certified Support Professionals