Check Mac and app updates with MacKeeper.

Are you running the latest Mac and app updates? If you know you should but find it too complicated to get everything up to date, let MacKeeper help. It makes sure you’re running the latest updates for your Mac, plus all the apps on your machine. And that includes stuff you installed through the Mac App Store and stuff you downloaded from other websites.


Think you don’t need a Mac update tracker? Think again.

Plug security holes

If you’re running apps that are out of date, you could make your Mac vulnerable to threats. Get the latest updates and plug those holes.

Get new features

Without updates, you could be missing out on great new features in your favorite apps. MacKeeper can help make sure you’re not left behind.

Fix compatibility issues

Sometimes, old apps don’t work smoothly with an updated operating system or new hardware. MacKeeper can help sort everything out.

Solve apps that have stopped working

An out of date app can suddenly stop working due to an OS upgrade — or something else entirely.

Updating your Mac is a piece of cake.


It takes just a few seconds to download MacKeeper.


You’ll be up and running with MacKeeper’s Update Tracker tool in no time.


MacKeeper will walk you through everything and show you which apps need updating.

Updating your Mac is just the start. Here’s what else MacKeeper can do.


MacKeeper hunts down apps you don’t need, duplicate files, and other junk.


Viruses and other online threats don’t stand a chance with MacKeeper guarding your Mac.


Get your Mac performing like a dream with smart optimization tools.

Go beyond an update.


Find & Fix

Rid your Mac of junk files, free up memory, and optimize it in one click

Safe Cleanup

Get rid of junk files, safely and easily

Duplicates Finder

Discover and remove duplicate files



Keep your Mac safe with advanced virus detection

Adware Cleaner

Detect and remove malicious and unwanted programs

Track My Mac

Find and lock your Mac remotely


Memory Cleaner

Manage your Mac’s memory

Login Items

Reduce your Mac’s startup time

Update Tracker

Get the latest versions of your apps

What other happy MacKeeper users are saying.

  • I've been using MacKeeper for a few years now and it has done an exemplary job of keeping my Mac running smoothly, finding issues (downloaded by my offspring) and fixing them. I wouldn't hesitate to recommend it to any Mac owner. This new version with a real human on the other side of the screen is great! I'm thrilled.
  • Andrew was very helpful during this process. I hope he will continue to assist me on my future needs.
  • MacKeeper is worth my small financial investment with big returns in my computers' security, memory and efficiency. I recommend this service to everyone.
  • Habe mit Hilfe von Andrew die App getestet und zu einem günstigen Preis den Virenschutz installiert. Super Hilfestellung! Vielen Dank Andrew!👍
  • Andrew performed exceptionally. Had a great experience and hopeful to get my mac running quicker and more fluid.
  • Our computer system was scrammed and MacKeeper cleared our system thoroughly - which took over 3 hrs. Problems solved.
  • Have had issues before and had an immediate response and issues were fixed. Will continue stay with the best.
  • The problem I was having was solved in a very short time. I am completely happy with my purchase.
  • It was informative and educational and would recommend to other MAC users.
  • I enjoyed the ex[pertise of the knowledgeable person on the phone line. I appreciated the knowledge and the rapid way he could handle things. I did feel as though he was pushing too hard about buying the service. I had to say several times that I did not want it. The service was very good....I just didn't like the hard sell approach
  • Good info and the tech was very pleasant. But I still hate remote logins. I could have done 80 % of this myself. Still I rate it worthwhile.

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We’ve made updating macOS and all your apps really easy. But if you need help, it’s available right in the MacKeeper app. Chat with real people who live and breathe everything Mac, 24/7.