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As simple as that

As a partner you will get access to MacKeeper™ product at the most attractive price. No hidden commissions or fee, risk-free investment.

Software Vendors

We are open for partnership with software vendors of all sizes. You'll be assigned a dedicated manager who will help you promote our products in a way that matches your business best. Offer your products to our customers and increase your sales at low cost.
There’s a number of ways to get started:

  • organizing cross-promotions to end-users: offering each other's software with a discount

  • recommending each other’s products in the newsletters or during the checkout etc.

Online Publishers, Resellers, Distributors

We work with many online publishers directly, and our offers are often more agreeable than AdSense or other intermediaries. Start generating profit by helping us deliver excellent products to customers worldwide!

Social Leaders

If you have a lot of subscribers on your YouTube channel, many followers on Twitter, popular page on Facebook etc., you can become our partner too. We can set up different promotion programs for our products depending on the kind of your activity.

MacKeeper™ Affiliate Center

If you are familiar with affiliate marketing, then welcome to our Affiliate Center. Monetize your traffic by recommending our software on your relevant niche website - it will take you a couple of minutes to create an account and generate an affiliate link!

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