For background, the lawsuit alleges that MacKeeper™ was deceptively marketed by Zeobit. The attorney pressing charges in this class-action lawsuit is the same attorney who has sued Apple, Amazon, Google, Spokeo and many other technology companies. Under a proposed, but not yet approved settlement, Zeobit will deposit $2 million into a fund to reimburse past customers, pay attorney fees, and also advertise on Facebook to let potential users know they can file for a refund.

We at Kromtech are proud of and excited about the evolution of MacKeeper™ and the product, which features 16 different maintenance tools to keep your Mac running smoothly and efficiently. One of the biggest additions we’ve made in the past many months is our “Human Inside” feature, which lets customers call a live human being to ask questions about their Mac. Our customer support agents are all Apple Certified technicians who can help not only with MacKeeper™ software, but with any question about a Mac device that you need help with. It’s an incredible asset that is included with every MacKeeper™ subscription, and it’s only a phone call away.

As we move forward in this next chapter, one of our main focuses is to change the way MacKeeper™ is advertised and marketed: we’ve improved our advertising to offer useful and helpful information; we’ve revised the language used during our software installation process to make it the best customer experience possible; and in the coming months we will be donating much of our extra advertising space to non-profit organizations and worthy causes. We want to earn the trust and customer loyalty that MacKeeper™ deserves.

We strive to be the best resource for Mac users on the planet, and we’re going to continue driving toward that.

Thank you for your business and ongoing support. We look forward to the great things to come for MacKeeper™, and we hope you do, too.