See How We Roll

4 years at Macworld and counting...

Four years ago, when we started MacKeeper™ and were looking for ways to
communicate with our clients, we had no doubts about our first step, our first
showroom to highlight the product's features: Macworld.


MacKeeper™ and Human Inside

This year, the team's objective was to showcase the all-new MacKeeper™ 3.0. It's a new generation of the product with “human” assistance integrated into the software.


MacKeeper™ takes a different approach

We were preparing for the 'big boom', taking feedback from our customers and getting ready for the next level of MacKeeper™.


MacKeeper™ goes big

One of the highlights of the year - Dave Hamilton of Backbeat Media, a Mac industry veteran, talked MacKeeper™ up during his keynote speech.


How it all started

Young and ambitious, the startup MacKeeper™ debuted at Macworld 2011 in San Francisco.


MacKeeper™ is born!


MacKeeper™ development process started