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How MacKeeper works


1. Run one-click scan

Get a bird’s eye view of your
Mac’s storage, performance
 and security.


2. Fix items found

Review and fix items affecting your Mac experience in just
 a few clicks.


3. Enjoy a worry-free Mac

Let MacKeeper take care of your Mac—it’ll notify you if any action
is needed.


MacKeeper frees up (on average) 5.3GB of space by cleaning junk from your Mac.


According to MacKeeper stats, every third device is infected with a virus.


MacKeeper finds (on average) 1 adware on every Mac.


Check your Mac with one click

You can perform the diagnostics on your Mac with a single click. Voila—see what’s clogging up your device, what’s slowing down its performance, and all its security and privacy vulnerabilities. It couldn’t be easier!

Why MacKeeper is the ultimate choice


Get total Mac junk cleanup to free up gigabytes of storage. You can teach an old Mac new tricks.


Unleash the full power of your Mac. This is what real memory, startup, and performance optimization feels like.

  • Memory Cleaner

    Manage your Mac’s memory for a smoother performance.

  • Update Tracker

    Keep your apps up to date to ensure you have the latest security updates.

  • Login Items

    Reduce your Mac startup time by reviewing and disabling apps that overload the system.

Privacy & Security

No matter the threat, we’ve got your back. MacKeeper protects your Mac from viruses and adware as well as guarding your data from online identity theft.

  • Antivirus

    Protect your Mac from malware with real-time protection.

  • Adware Cleaner

    Find and delete malicious apps that annoy you with ads, quickly and effortlessly.

  • ID Theft Guard

    Check and monitor your personal data for data breaches with instant alerts.

  • VPN Private Connect

    Browse securely with an anonymous internet connection.

  • StopAd

    Enjoy ad-free web browsing and searching with a smart browser extension.

Why customers love MacKeeper

Get premium help with any software-related issues

Sometimes it feels like devices get more sophisticated and more complex by the day. Setting them up and fixing them may seem daunting at times. Our tech crew can help with any software-related issues. By call or chat. 24/7.