Memory Cleaner

Effortlessly optimize and manage your Mac's memory and get things done faster. Clearing the memory is the best solution after using resource-intensive apps or playing games.

The more memory a Mac uses the slower it runs. MacKeeper allows you to free up your Mac’s RAM memory in a single click. What’s more, its advanced Apps & Processes plugin shows the most memory-hogging processes so you can quit them and enjoy a smooth-running Mac.

  • MacKeeper™ Memory Cleaner - Simplified memory control of your Mac
  • MacKeeper™ Memory Cleaner - Cleans your Mac's RAM
  • MacKeeper™ Memory Cleaner: Automatic Cleanup mode

Update Tracker

Make sure you never miss out on any important security patches or software upgrades for your applications.

Update Tracker checks each application installed from the App Store or any other source on your Mac for available updates.

MacKeeper™ Update Tracker feature helps to keep your applications up-to-date.