Not just a performance tool, it’s a Mac makeover

Give it a fresh start—tune up Mac startup programs, clean memory, and update apps in a click.

Get MacKeeper when Mac performance lags

Apps are slow

Browser keeps freezing

Pinwheel spins endlessly

Memory Cleaner

Automatic memory optimization—in case you forget

Is your Mac feeling bogged down? MacKeeper can help by monitoring and optimizing Mac RAM memory in real time. You’ll notice the difference, especially when using resource-hogging apps.

  • Automatic memory monitoring
  • Doesn’t harm apps or files
  • A perfect Mac pick-me-up after using intensive apps

Login Items

Take control of your login items

Too many Mac startup programs can slow your startup time. MacKeeper puts you back in the driver’s seat—you decide what loads and what doesn’t during Mac startup.

  • See all login items in a clear, organized list
  • Easily disable startup programs on Mac
  • Keep system apps and operations safe

Update Tracker

Never miss patches or upgrade

No matter where you got your apps, MacKeeper checks all of them for available updates, patches, and upgrades.

  • Works with most apps
  • Updates apps from multiple sources
  • Gives you the latest security updates

Relax—MacKeeper does all the heavy lifting

There’s no need to manually clean memory or change startup programs on Mac. MacKeeper works silently in the background to make sure your Mac is always running the way you expect.

Need help?

It’s here, in the app.

Get help from real people who live and breathe everything Mac, 24/7. Direct access to help with your Mac issues is available right in the MacKeeper app.

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Optimization is just the start

Here’s what else MacKeeper can do.



Keep your Mac safe with advanced virus detection

Adware Cleaner

Detect and remove malicious and unwanted programs

Track My Mac

Find and lock your Mac remotely



Safe Cleanup

Get rid of junk files, safely and easily

Duplicate Finder

Discover and remove duplicate files

Smart Uninstaller

Delete widgets, plugins & browser extensions


Join millions of happy Mac users.

We’ve optimized, cleaned, and secured millions of Macs all over the world. We’d love to have your back, too.



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