Policies and Procedures

We’re committed to keeping your data secure, your private information private, and being transparent about our practices as a business.

Privacy Policy

Updated: 27.09.2021

In Clario Tech DMCC, we care about privacy. Therefore we strictly follow all data protection procedures regarding the full security of your personal data. We understand that reading legal documents may be boresome, that is why we made this Privacy Policy (“Policy” or "Notice") in layers. It means that this Notice is designed to respond to problems with excessively long policies. A short part of Notice — the top layer (static part) — provides you with the key elements of the Privacy Notice. The full part of Notice — the bottom layer (drop-down part) — covers all the intricacies in full.

This Notice does not apply to information about you collected by any third party, including through any content (including advertising) that may link to, or be accessible on our Website or through our Products. This, shall instead be governed by such third party’s terms and policies. This Notice contains links to some of the third party’s terms and policies to make your investigation more convenient.

By using Clario Services you are consenting to the collection, use, sharing, transfer, or other processing of your personal data as prescribed by this Notice. If you do not consent to such processing, then please do not further access or use our products, services, or website.

Note, you will need to agree to our Terms and Conditions. Please, do read the Terms and Conditions carefully, since this Notice is a part of them.

  1. Who we are?
  2. To what this Notice applies?
  3. What kinds of data do we process?
  4. Why do we process your data?
  5. What are the grounds for data processing?
  6. Do we share or disclose your data?
  7. Do we use Cookies?
  8. Do we transfer your data?
  9. How do we handle your data?
  10. How can you manage your data?
  11. California privacy rights
  12. “Do not call” list
  13. Changes to this Policy


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