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Data Encryptor

Data Encryptor

Make your restricted files absolutely invisible to anyone without the right password, protecting even your most sensitive information. Protected files and folders will not appear in Finder and cannot be located or retrieved.

When To Use

  • Hide your personal data before giving your Mac to someone else or leaving it at a service center.

  • Encrypt your financial documents.

  • Restrict users from viewing unwanted files.

  • Encrypt your intellectual property.

Data Encryptor makes your personal data invisible on your hard drive. The hidden files can only be seen within the MacKeeper™ application, where they are encrypted and protected by a password. To hide your data, simply create a password, add the files or folders you want to protect and click Hide.

Extra security hint:

You can use Data Encryptor to encrypt your sensitive files if you are using those files frequently.
You will still need to enter your own password to access them.

Data Encryptor uses Advanced Encryption Standard (AES), a specification for the encryption of electronic data established by the U.S. National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST).



Securely delete files and folders that you don't ever want to be recovered. A state-of-the-art deletion process such as Shredder is a sure-fire way to prevent sensitive information you no longer need to access from falling into the wrong hands.

MacKeeper™ Shredder will remove files and folders that you don't ever want to be recovered.

When To Use

We recommend shredding all unneeded files that contain your personal data.
Before selling your Mac, shred all of your personal data to make sure that no one will ever be able to recover it.

How It Works

Shredder permanently deletes files or folders such that even specialized software won't be able to recover them. Just drag and drop the files you want to permanently remove and click Shred.


Shredded files are gone forever, so be absolutely sure you no longer need a file before shredding it!