Why Do I See so Much
Online Advertising?

No matter how annoying it may seem, advertising is just
a way for any company to inform its customers about a
product or a service

Why Do I See so Much Online Advertising?

Before we jump into discussion, let’s remember the history of ads.

  • May 3, 1978. First SPAM

    The first known online advertisment appeared as a spam. The spam email was sent to 400 recipients on May 3, 1978, by Gary Thuerk, also known as the father of spam. The email contained an invitation to demonstration of the Decsystem-20 product by the Digital company.

  • More than 15 years later...

    ...a banner ad appeared, specifically, in 1993 on Global Network Navigator, the first commercial website that was selling banner ads.

  • Only 2 years later...

    ...advertisers like MasterCard and Zima were paying GNN from $110 to $11,000 per week for ad spots.

  • The same year...

    ...the Yahoo web directory transformed into a commercial business and did the first keyword-based advertisement.

  • Since then...

    ...online advertising mechanism has been launched and now it’s still evolving. Now we know online advertising in some more variants, such as popup advertising and advertising in social media.

In a perfect world, there would be more open-source content and less advertising of any kind, but the true reality is that the number of ads that we see today will only increase in the future.

And here is why...

There are millions of websites worldwide, and most of them work by selling the advertising traffic to publishers.

Moreover, such giants as Google and Yahoo are involved in this process; in their turn, they buy traffic and then resell it.

At the end of this global wrestling process advertisement comes in your browser as popup ads, banners, or in any other shape and form.

So what customers do against the ads that are seeping out of everywhere?

They install ad blockers and don’t even guess that their favorite online publication, website, or news resource survives thanks to the sale of the advertisement. According to Page Fair annual report, now there are 198 million active adblock users around the world. It means that 198 million users will not see online advertising that is prepaid by a publisher. This could lead to losses for both seller (your favourite online publication) and publisher.

What's next?

No matter how annoying it may seem, advertising is just a way for any company to inform its customers about a product or a service

In that way MacKeeper does not differ from other companies that use online advertising. Though, it is one of the largest buyers of ad traffic that targets the Mac OS operating system. It buys traffic from multiple advertising companies like everyone else.

If you still experience problems with seeing pop-up ads, MacKeeper has provided the corresponding options below.

*Important: Cleaning cookies re-enables MacKeeper ads.

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