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If this sounds familiar, the robot guy above probably looks familiar to you, too. That's the mascot for MacKeeper, which is actually a legitimate product if you believe positive reviews by The Mac Observer's Dave Hamilton and MacWorld.

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By using security software called MacKeeper Brazilian police are able to track down the criminal and return the stolen property. It all happened on June 24th, 2013 when 21 year old Luiz Fernando Garcia de Oliveira broke into a home and stole 2 MacBook computers, money and other personal property.

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MacKeeper is your LIFETIME solution and is an AWARD WINNING all-in-one system utility that includes 16 powerful maintenance features that FULLY optimize, protect, control, and clean your Mac.

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MacKeeper is much more than simple Mac encryption software. It's a suite of powerful utilities with tools that run the gamut from anti-virus protection to data cleanup, file recovery, data backup and of course, file encryption.

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Mackeeper is a software suite from Kromtech that claims the ability to speed up your computer, remove worthless files, and provide a connection to real-life humans for all of your Mac-related needs. Is all of this actually included? So without further ado, here’s our review on MacKeeper.

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Being one of the most advertized Mac products on the web, you've probably heard of MacKeeper. Its marketing actually makes it harder to trust, which is a shame as it has a range of tools that actually work, with an attractive and simple interface. There are some bad points too, which we'll come to.

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MacKeeper is the all-in-one application that will monitor all of these aspects through an elegant and very well organized interface.

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MacKeeper is a choice of numerous Mac users because of security, privacy, and troubleshooting features it offers. The software combines more than 10 well-elaborated tools and applications to keep your operating system secure and well-optimized.

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Security Research Center in the News

"In a blog post on MacKeeper website, Vickery said that a "database error" was at fault, as the database was configured for full public access, and required no "level of authentication or password and providing no protection at all for this data."

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"The lesson to learn here is that, if you're a parent, be wary of services that offer to monitor your child's online behavior. These services collect unnerving amounts of data on your child and, when a breach occurs, all of that data can be exposed to untold numbers of people," Vickery told.

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"The unsecured data was discovered last week by Chris Vickery, a IT staffer in Austin, Texas who moonlights as a security researcher for Mac-security-software maker MacKeeper."

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"The Analytical and Security Center will be led by Vickery and will carry out regular security audits of the software and establish security best practices to ensure the safety of users."

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"Vickery outlined the risks associated with the exposed printers, calling them a soft target in an email to Salted Hash. A quick search on Shodan to confirm his findings returned thousands of results."

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"When I found one of the databases of MacKeeper, they turned around and said, 'OK, we want to hire you to give us tips about data breaches,'" he said. "That was an awesome response." Chris Vickery's blog post appeared on the MacKeeper website.

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"Child tracker app leaks texts and photos' from kids' phones. According to Chris Vickery, researcher at MacKeeper, the app was leaking a huge database containing as many as 6.8 million private text messages, 1.8 million images (many depicting children) and 1,700 in-depth child profiles made up of data from Android and iPhone devices."

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Read Latest Reviews About MacKeeper

  • Geralyn H

    02 Oct 2018

    I appreciate the support. allowed time for a slow old lady. thanks.

  • Wesley E

    29 Jun 2018

    Easy to understand product and easy to purchase. Available assistance is great.

  • Nice and easy, and communication is a snap. Thank you. Your staff has always been very helpful when I've found it necessary to Chat with one of your tech's.

  • My mac works noticeably faster and it feels good that the security is good! Very satisfied!

  • My computer is working better than I ever thought. Thank you! I want to sign up for a longer term than the one month that I currently have. Very satisfied!

  • Craig - BC, Canada

    09 Jul 2018

    Great product and wouldn't hesitate to purchase for a new computer

  • Very happy with this product - MacKeeper, keeping my Mac safe one day at a time!

  • Jeff B

    29 Jun 2019

    Excellent product. Keeps my MAC running great.

  • Ron S

    21 Oct 2018

    All very clear and simple.

  • Anonymous Customer

    24 Sep 2018

    Improved my MAC quite a bit.

  • Anthony J

    30 Jun 2019

    thanks for the excellent service

  • Felizitas JGermany

    03 Jun 2018

    I am 100 % satisfied ! I always get professionell help !

  • Morley D - ON, Canada

    01 Jul 2019

    Always good to know that MacKeeper personal help is available 24/7

  • Anonymous Customer

    04 Oct 2018

    so far very quick and easy

  • S. Dallen Esselstrom

    28 Sep 2018

    Andrew was very helpful and allayed my concerns -

  • This helped me free up lots of memory.

  • James P

    24 Aug 2018

    Type your message here. Very helpful service..

  • The quality of services was beyond my expectation. I am truly thankful anf honored to have this service on my gadget. Thank you.

  • James - BC, Canada

    24 May 2019

    Have not had a Mac in about 5 years. As soon as I got my new Mac Mini, I knew I needed to get MacKepper again. Great product with great results.

  • NEIL B

    03 Sep 2018

    message here... VERY SIMPLE TO USE !

  • Robynlee M

    09 Oct 2018

    Thank you for making this program affortable

  • Pour l'instante suis satisfait des prestations : mon mac fonctionne mieux et je pense que je vais pérenniser ce logiciel sur mon ordinateur eu terme de la période que j'ai souscrite.

  • sai n

    22 Oct 2018

    quick and easy to use app.

  • so far so good great help cleaning up old issues .

  • No problems. MacKeeper has done its job on cleaning and securing my MacBook Air.

  • Doris F

    18 Jul 2018

    Effort was flawless. I look forward to your help and support!

  • Maravillosa experiencia, MacKeeper es lo máximo, te da seguridad y eficacia

  • Fred - ON, Canada

    09 Jul 2019

    This product did exactly what I hoped it would do. It speeded up my response time and feed up more memory for me.

  • Since I started using MacKeeper years ago, I haven't tried or used any other substitute.

  • Rhoda D

    23 Feb 2019

    Nice helping me get my macs up and running again

Read Customer Reviews About MacKeeper

  • I am not happy with this version of Mackeeper and when I rang to have it activated I was served by Jade in the Ukrainr Call centre. She was polite but the whole experience I found to be quite misleading and deceptive as she kept pushing to sell more services including your technicians and your subscription services which went from more than 700 dollars but was later offered various optioms all the way down to 100 dollars for a once only service plus a 19 or 59 dollar monthly subscription for 2 years. I found the whole experience dishonest and your company less than honourable. I will cancel my upgrade and request a full refund.

  • Steve NSW, Australia

    10 Aug 2016

    Immediatelay after paying a 2 year sub (following expiry of previous sub) I am offered a "free" upgrade to the 2016 version. Yet when I click to do this it defaults to 12 months, and is very difficult to follow. Also I was hoping that my package would include help to improve performance of my MACbook PRO, as it is continually slow - is this because of MacKeeper running in the background? Any assisitance would help. My login email is but when paying for this new sb I used It looks like I cannot change my profile to the gmail account, so this is further confusion.

  • This was suppose to be an upgrade to MacKeeper 3.0 but all it was was a sales pitch for up-selling me more products. I already had a lifetime membership for 2.x but they said they would no longer be supporting it. I guess my lifetime membership was their lifetime not mine. Also I struggled to understand the person I was talking with. The simple upgrade had to be done remotely. It was not a pleasant experience. I'm done with MacKeeper. From now on I'm adding them to my junk folder.

  • Anonymous Customer

    9 Aug 2016

    Confusing and there is way to many things getting sent to my email (advertising mails).. And there is no noticeable difference on my computer - and no, I'm not interested in further expensive features...

  • Gorm B J

    8 Aug 2016

    Quite disappointed - I called customer service to activate my new MacKeeper product and in very short time she persuaded me to buy technical support to clean up my iMac for better performance. 150 US$ for nothing - my iMac has in no way improved and is as slow as before. So MacKeeper support is only for selling additional products which have no real value

  • JJ NL, Canada

    8 Aug 2016

    Remote tech tried to sell another program and lost my trust, he was unable to help but additional coverage by someone else I could get it fixed. Then could not help me cancel, not sure if I just made a major mistake. God who do you trust anymore

  • Michele B mc, Italy

    8 Aug 2016

    Application dont' solve the problems

  • Gentlemen, I have not been able to activate MacKeeper the number given 900-838452 does not work from PANAMA by adding the Spain prefix it did not work either. I also tried the US number for support 1-800-813-0346 and was told this number is no longer in service. All I have is an activation code. Two e-mails I have sent has been unanswered. Numan Vasquez

  • f1tommy

    7 Aug 2016

    I have very little experience, but it makes my computer slower which I don't like. On top of it the bloody pop up things are annoying me and it is expensive. No possibility to test before buying...

  • I don't notice any difference


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