Need To Uninstall MacKeeper?

Following these steps, MacKeeper will be uninstalled from your system regardless whether it was installed with .pkg or .dmg installer

  • 1. Quit MacKeeper

  • 2. Drag to the Trash

    Drag to the Trash or use Cmd+Delete.

  • 3. Uninstall MacKeeper

    Click "Uninstall MacKeeper in the window that appears.

    Please be aware, that due to security and anti-fraud purposes all the backups you've made with MacKeeper will remain on your computer and can be accessed even after MacKeeper uninstallation. Encrypted files will remain hidden and can't be opened or modified without MacKeeper, so make sure you will decrypt them before removing the application.

    NOTE: We recommend to reboot your Mac for complete MacKeeper uninstallation.

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