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MacKeeper™ 2014

MacKeeper™ 2016

Ready for El Capitan

OS X El Capitan (version 10.11) is the latest major release of Mac OS. This system update is absolutely FREE for older versions and most of the Apple computers are already updated or soon-to-be updated to it. The all-new MacKeeper™ 2016 is already fully prepared and optimized for Mac’s new operating system.

Human Assistance

Your personal assistant has the solution for any technical problem, whether it is a minor annoyance or a catastrophic failure.

System review by Apple Certified Expert

24/7 technical assistance

Monthly system review on request



Fast Cleanup

leftovers removal

Leftovers are the remains of previously removed applications.

Smart Uninstaller

scan for unwanted advertisements

Sometimes you get annoying ads in your web browser.

Duplicates Finder

search for a specific duplicated file

No need to scan the entire system to find duplicates of a specific file.

Full disk prevention service

be aware and fix lack of free space

Be aware of when disk space is running out, and free it up in advance.



Anti-Theft: thief location on a map

with precise location.

It's never been that easy to
FIND your stolen Mac

Precise address

Exact coordinates

IP address

Anti-Theft: immediate callback

when the stolen Mac is detected.

Greatly increases your chance to recover your stolen Mac.

Anti-Theft with Google Geo services

Antivirus Scan mode: Smart or Aggressive



Improvement of Login Items

management of agents and daemons

Updated algorithm of Data Encryptor

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