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Need a Mac clean-up? How about a clean-up that feels like an upgrade? MacKeeper leaves your Mac cleaner and more optimized.

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See how MacKeeper brings your Mac back
at its prime

  • 27 %

    of cleaned RAM

  • 7

    adware removed
    on average*

  • 6

    viruses removed
    on average*

Total Mac Optimization. Faster. Easier.

MacKeeper smart Mac optimization re-energizes your Mac by freeing up gigabytes of space on your hard drive while protecting you from viruses, malware, and spyware.


Mac Cleanup

Uninstall software that you don’t use, get rid of unnecessary files, and remove unneeded duplicates to free up space. Show details Hide details

  • cleanup

    Safe Cleanup

    Detect and safely remove redundant system files accumulated over time.

  • cleanup

    Duplicates Finder

    Find and delete duplicate files taking up extra space

  • cleanup

    Smart Uninstaller

    Delete useless apps, widgets, and browser extensions


Performance Optimization

Manage how your Mac runs and cut down your Mac’s startup time. Show details Hide details

  • Performance

    Memory Cleaner

    Manage your Mac’s memory for better performance

  • Performance

    Update Tracker

    Never miss an update for all your apps

  • Performance

    Login Items

    Tune up your Mac’s startup time by disabling apps that overload the system

Malware and annoying ads? Swept away.



Protect yourself from the worst online threats—viruses, malware, adware, and spyware with MacKeeper. Show details Hide details

  • Security


    Protect your Mac from malware with real-time protection

  • Security

    Adware Cleaner

    Delete malicious apps that bombard you with ads



Feel safer while browsing with a truly secure internet connection, blocked ads, and data breach alerts. Show details Hide details

  • cleanup

    ID Theft Guard

    Check and monitor your data for breaches with instant alerts

  • cleanup

    VPN Private Connect

    Browse securely with an encrypted internet connection

  • cleanup


    Enjoy ad-free web browsing with a smart browser extension

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Enjoy smoother Mac performance, multilayered protection, and peace of mind every time you go online.

Clean My Mac Now

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Your macOS version is lower than OS 10.11. We’d like to offer you MacKeeper 4 to solve the cleaning, privacy, and security issues of your macOS.