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How to fix your Mac with
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Three easy steps to find out why your Mac is misbehaving and how to fix it:

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Typical Mac problems we help our users with

Your Mac is unresponsive to commands
Spinning wheel on your screen
Mac can’t connect to an external device—printer, headset, etc.
Mac is out of storage space
Mac fails to install system updates
Mac suddenly shuts down
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We don’t limit our help to the above issues. You can request assistance with literally any software-related problem you encounter.

Supported devices

Apple Watch
Android Tablet
Printer, Scanner, Camera
iPad, iPad Mini
iMac, Macbook Air, Macbook Pro, Mac Mini

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With a tech support representative available 24/7, you can forget about feeling helpless when another issue impacts your Mac. Tell us about your current problem right now and let us fix it immediately.

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