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如果这听起来很熟悉,那么您可能也不会对上面这个机器人感到陌生。它是 MacKeeper 的吉祥物,如果您相信 The Mac Observer 的 Dave Hamilton 以及 MacWorld 的正面评价,它其实就是一款正规合法的产品。


巴西警方使用安全软件 MacKeeper 追踪罪犯并找回被盗财物。故事发生于 2013 年 6 月 24 日,21 岁的 Luiz Fernando Garcia de Oliveira 闯入一所住宅,盗取了 2 台 MacBook 电脑、现金及其他私人财物。


MacKeeper 是您的终极解决方案和屡获殊荣的一体化系统实用程序,包含 16 项强大的维护功能,可全面优化、保护、管理和清理您的 Mac。


MacKeeper 的功能远超简单的 Mac 加密软件。它提供了一套功能强大的实用工具,可执行从防病毒保护到数据清理、文件恢复、数据备份以及文件加密在内的所有工作。


Mackeeper 是 Kromtech 推出的软件套件,能加快电脑运行速度、清除无用的文件,并为您的所有 Mac 相关需求提供真人连线。真的包含这些功能吗?闲话少说,先来看看 MacKeeper 获得的评价。


作为网络上广告最多的 Mac 产品之一,您对于 MacKeeper 可能早有耳闻。它的营销实际上让它显得更难可信,这太遗憾了,因为它本身包含切实可用的丰富工具,界面也极具吸引力且十分简洁。也有一些不好的方面,我们会在下面谈到。


MacKeeper 是一体化应用程序,通过精致整洁的界面全面监视电脑运行情况。



“在 MacKeeper 网站上的一篇博文中,Vickery 指出“数据库错误”应对此负责,因为数据库被配置为可供公众全面访问,无需‘任何级别的身份验证或密码,完全没有为数据提供任何保护’。”


“从中可吸取的教训是,做父母的应警惕那些用来监视子女上网行为的服务。这些服务会搜集有关您子女的数量惊人的数据,一旦被入侵,所有这些数据就会泄露给不计其数的人,”Vickery 说道。


“美国德克萨斯州奥斯汀的一名 IT 员工 Chris Vickery 上周发现了不安全的数据,他是 Mac 安全软件开发商 MacKeeper 的兼职安全研究员。”


“分析和安全中心将由 Vickery 领导,负责对软件进行定期安全审核,并建立安全最佳实践以确保用户安全。”


“在发给 Salted Hash 的一封电子邮件中,Vickery 概括了与这些不受保护的打印机相关的风险,并将其称为软目标。为了验证他的发现,他在 Shodan 上进行了一次简单搜索,并得到了数千条结果。”


“当我找到 MacKeeper 的其中一个数据库时,他们回复:‘好,我们想聘请您来给我们提供一些有关防止数据外泄的窍门’,”他说道。“这真是令人意想不到的回复。”MacKeeper 网站发布了 Chris Vickery 的博文。


“儿童追踪器应用会泄露儿童手机上的照片和文本信息。MacKeeper 研究员 Chris Vickery 指出,该应用泄露了包含多达 680 万条私人文本信息、180 万张图片(许多为儿童图片)及 1700 份儿童详细个人资料的庞大数据库,全部由 Android 和 iPhone 设备上的数据组成。”




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  • Service and product are outstanding!

  • Excellent product and service. Highly recommended

  • Darvin F

    29 Sep 2018

    So far, my experience has been great.

  • Very easy to order. Great tool - everyone should use it!!!

  • Wader

    29 Oct 2018

    After using MacKeeper, my iMac is running better and smoother.

  • Did exactly what it said it would. Mac runs great!

  • Cully P

    18 Sep 2018

    Thanks for the info and patience as I evaluated the purchase.

  • I have been quite pleased with my experiences with MacKeeper. It has been a very useful tool in helping me navigate my Mac computer. Service is always prompt and courteous, and helps me resolve whatever issue I am having. I would highly recommend purchasing MacKeeper.

  • Maria G

    28 Aug 2018

    Transaction was real easy and easy to find the product I wanted to purchase. I love using MacKeeper and happy to renew!

  • Anonymous Customer

    20 Oct 2018

    Andrew was very efficient and helpful.

  • maria f

    05 Oct 2018

    we have had this last year and it worked amazing. Using it for two more years

  • dusty l

    28 Aug 2018

    thank you for your friendly help

  • Now that many problems have been resolved the computer is behaving very well

  • Edgar R

    04 Jul 2018

    Quick, easy and very helpful

  • So far very good .

  • Anonymous Customer

    24 Sep 2018

    My online agent was very helpful.

  • Jacquie

    10 Jul 2018

    Very good! Easy to understand!

  • Catherine K

    02 Jul 2018

    Andrew was very helpful and answered all my questions and concerns. My computer has faster speed since I downloaded Mackeeper.

  • Kathy C

    06 Jun 2018

    It was very easy to order.

  • Rhoda D

    23 Feb 2019

    Nice helping me get my macs up and running again

  • Vicki T

    17 Jul 2018

    it was very easy for a non techie

  • William J

    09 Nov 2018

    Thank you for helping me protect my Mac.

  • 6-year old iMac is now quicker and works beautifully.

  • Gareth J

    01 Oct 2018

    Very easy - what more could you want?

  • My computer is working better than I ever thought. Thank you! I want to sign up for a longer term than the one month that I currently have. Very satisfied!

  • Jason M

    10 Oct 2018

    The instant Message was great.

  • My Mac had slowed down, after a week it is back running like it used to

  • Merci pour votre service en langue française. BRAVO !!

  • Brian D - AB, Canada

    29 Apr 2019

    Liked the guided support and introduction to zoom.

  • It's quick and easy to install

阅读客户对 MacKeeper 的评价

  • I am not happy with this version of Mackeeper and when I rang to have it activated I was served by Jade in the Ukrainr Call centre. She was polite but the whole experience I found to be quite misleading and deceptive as she kept pushing to sell more services including your technicians and your subscription services which went from more than 700 dollars but was later offered various optioms all the way down to 100 dollars for a once only service plus a 19 or 59 dollar monthly subscription for 2 years. I found the whole experience dishonest and your company less than honourable. I will cancel my upgrade and request a full refund.

  • Steve NSW, Australia

    10 Aug 2016

    Immediatelay after paying a 2 year sub (following expiry of previous sub) I am offered a "free" upgrade to the 2016 version. Yet when I click to do this it defaults to 12 months, and is very difficult to follow. Also I was hoping that my package would include help to improve performance of my MACbook PRO, as it is continually slow - is this because of MacKeeper running in the background? Any assisitance would help. My login email is but when paying for this new sb I used It looks like I cannot change my profile to the gmail account, so this is further confusion.

  • This was suppose to be an upgrade to MacKeeper 3.0 but all it was was a sales pitch for up-selling me more products. I already had a lifetime membership for 2.x but they said they would no longer be supporting it. I guess my lifetime membership was their lifetime not mine. Also I struggled to understand the person I was talking with. The simple upgrade had to be done remotely. It was not a pleasant experience. I'm done with MacKeeper. From now on I'm adding them to my junk folder.

  • Anonymous Customer

    9 Aug 2016

    Confusing and there is way to many things getting sent to my email (advertising mails).. And there is no noticeable difference on my computer - and no, I'm not interested in further expensive features...

  • Gorm B J

    8 Aug 2016

    Quite disappointed - I called customer service to activate my new MacKeeper product and in very short time she persuaded me to buy technical support to clean up my iMac for better performance. 150 US$ for nothing - my iMac has in no way improved and is as slow as before. So MacKeeper support is only for selling additional products which have no real value

  • JJ NL, Canada

    8 Aug 2016

    Remote tech tried to sell another program and lost my trust, he was unable to help but additional coverage by someone else I could get it fixed. Then could not help me cancel, not sure if I just made a major mistake. God who do you trust anymore

  • Michele B mc, Italy

    8 Aug 2016

    Application dont' solve the problems

  • Gentlemen, I have not been able to activate MacKeeper the number given 900-838452 does not work from PANAMA by adding the Spain prefix it did not work either. I also tried the US number for support 1-800-813-0346 and was told this number is no longer in service. All I have is an activation code. Two e-mails I have sent has been unanswered. Numan Vasquez

  • f1tommy

    7 Aug 2016

    I have very little experience, but it makes my computer slower which I don't like. On top of it the bloody pop up things are annoying me and it is expensive. No possibility to test before buying...

  • I don't notice any difference



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