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Well, we can see that MacKeeper has perfectly blocked Av-Comparatives 538 samples. To be exact, it has successfully blocked 100% of the threats provided.

Miglė Vosyliūtė
Jan 05, 2022
Read full review on CyberNews

The developers have put hundreds of hours into making MacKeeper the most secure, best performing maintenance software for the Mac. Not to spoil the rest of my review, but I believe that hard work has paid off.

Jeff Butts
Dec 27, 2021
Read full review on MacObserver

MacKeeper has grown into an excellent, all-round security and optimization tool for Mac users. The inclusion of a built-in VPN service is a big plus point too.

Anthony Enticknap
Sep 06, 2021
Read full review at MacUpdate

MacKeeper has a decent range of cybersecurity and performance optimization features. While I feel the antivirus scan could be more thorough, the VPN, ID Theft Guard, and StopAd will keep you highly secure while browsing online.

Sophie Anderson
Aug 18, 2021
Read full review at SafetyDetectives

All in all, MacKeeper is a dependable software with lots of fantastic features. It gives you privacy, security and cleans your Mac for extra space which is beyond any average antivirus software.

Deyan Georgiev
Aug 03, 2021
Read full review at Techjury

MacKeeper offers good value for money and its’ well worth a look, especially as it includes a VPN alongside the security and maintenance tools.

Mark Sparrow
Jul 31, 2021
Read full review at Forbes

The features that MacKeeper offers today make it one of the best antivirus software choices available for Mac users.

Chyelle Dvorak
May 11, 2021
Read full review at TechRadar

Now, it’s run by new management and it has independent approval from Apple as well as independent test labs including AV-TEST, which gave it a 6 out of 6 score for both performance and protection.

Keith Martin
Apr 29, 2021
Read full review at Macworld

MacKeeper offers tons of security, privacy, and performance features beyond basic antivirus protection

Neil J. Rubenking
Mar 15, 2021
Read full review at PCMag

MacKeeper is a comprehensive and easy-to-use suite of tools to help keep your Mac healthy and productive. It’s a good suite: a clean and easily understandable interface, the list of tools is impressive, and the level of support you get for the money is tough to beat.

Phil South
Dec 21, 2020
Read full review at Make Tech Easier

MacKeeper is an all-in-one performance and security solution for Mac. It's split into four modules: cleaning, performance, security, and privacy. There are three tools in each section, and most are free.

Andy Betts
Aug 05, 2020
Read full review at MUO

The new MacKeeper appears to be exactly what it claims to be: a combination housekeeping, anti-malware, and privacy app. Its features look broadly comparable to its rivals, and completely genuine.

Howard Oakley
Jun 02, 2020
Read full review at The Eclectic Light Company

Kromtech’s and MacKeeper’s reputation was at rock bottom, but now a new owner is set on changing this, and he fancies a shot at changing the face of the consumer security industry as well.

Alex Scroxton
Apr 24, 2020
Read full review at ComputerWeekly

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14 Jan 2021

Really happy with mackeeper ( obviously if you use mac) it offers amazing feautures besides antivirus and really keeps mac clean.

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Alina DuClos

13 May 2020

There is cleaner software that can help (Mackeeper). That's step #1. What really helps is disk defrag software. Apple discourages this because they want you to believe you need a new laptop.

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Vinod Shrivastava

4 Dec 2020

Really happy with mackeeper ( obviously if you use mac) it offers amazing feautures besides antivirus and really keeps mac clean.

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Katie Kasten

6 Jan 2021

Great 24/7 chat customer service! Seriously awesome!

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Ken Pitman

9 Dec 2020

Just chatted with personal assistant about adware warnings - could not quarantine or delete them. Julia fixed it and some other things. Like always, perfect. Ken

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Sonia Henderson

25 Jan 2021

Needed help with an issue with my virus protection and it was sorted first time. Thanks MacKeeper

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Mary Lamers

22 Jan 2021

I bought a month then decided to purchase the year package. I am so glad I did. The program had an issue as it loaded Bit....., another virus program. I texted that I was having problems. Help was immediate. They stayed and fixed the issues. I am so happy and will make sure I keep using MacKeeper to keep my Mac safe. Sherri was my tech. I appreciated her help. Thank you

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Chris Summerville

5 Jan 2021

Simon took me through the steps of cleaning up my Mac to get rid of the beachball effect, quickly, precisely and politely. It was truly a calming and uplifting guided experience especially because I am still not confident about my computer knowledge but never felt lost or confused throughout his/her guidance! Thank you very much!!

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Jeremy Schwane

13 Dec 2020

MacKeeper has been one of the best Antivirus software programs I have ever owned! The customer service is impeccable, every time I have an issue with even the simplest of problems, they have the answer right away. If not they transfer me to the department with the right technical expert and they are all very knowledgeable! I've had my Mac computer for about 7 years now and it has been running great! I've always had MacKeeper and never had a virus maybe one time but was able to fix the problem right away! I appreciate what all of you do keep up the fantastic customer service!

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6 Feb 2021

have had this service for the last 4 years or so. Always very helpful and easy to follow steps both in live chats and on the phone. Even a technophobe like me doesn't feel intimidated. any problems with my laptops have always been resolved.

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17 Dec 2020

MacKeeper is an excellent tool that keeps your computer safe.Also the Personal Tech Experts are very efficient and kind and they are eager to help you solve any problem and even more.

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19 Oct 2020

it's a great app, the technicians are very helpful, I recommend to install this app because it's very easy and quick to use.

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Clean out useless stuff

Get your space back by removing gigabytes of junk

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  • Delete duplicates
  • Uninstall useless apps

Operate at top performance

Optimize Mac’s performance for a better experience

  • Free up RAM
  • Timely updates for your apps
  • Reduce startup time

Protect from malware

Secure your Mac from viruses and malicious apps 24/7

  • Find and delete viruses and malware
  • Scan for suspicious apps
  • Enjoy real-time protection

Keep your data private

Protect your private data from third parties

  • Protect from data leaks
  • Connect securely with VPN
  • Block irritating ads

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Let MacKeeper give your Mac its second wind—a clean, optimized and protected device in just a couple of clicks.

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  • System Requirements: macOS 10.13 or later, 100 MB of spaceFull requirements
  • Latest Software Version: 6.7.1, Jul, 2024
  • Pricing: Starting at $10.95/month
  • Developer: Clario Tech DMCC

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