No es solo un optimizador para Mac; es una revolución para tu Mac

Deja tu Mac como nuevo: ajusta los programas de arranque, limpia la memoria y actualiza las aplicaciones con un solo clic.

Si tu Mac se ralentiza, instala MacKeeper

Las aplicaciones funcionan con lentitud

El navegador no deja de bloquearse

La rueda no deja de girar

Despreocúpate: MacKeeper se encarga de todas las tareas pesadas

No tendrás que ajustar manualmente los ítems de arranque ni estresarte por conseguir las actualizaciones más recientes para tus aplicaciones. MacKeeper funciona silenciosamente en segundo plano para garantizar que tu Mac funciona tal como esperas en todo momento.

Mac Optimization FAQ

How can I make my Mac run faster with MacKeeper?

The following steps may optimize the speed of your Mac:

1. Save progress in all applications that you have active documents opened in (Microsoft Office, Apple Keynote, Numbers, Pages). Click the Apple logo in the upper left corner of the screen, and select Force Quit..., highlight applications one by one (all of them except Finder and MacKeeper), and select Force Quit.

2. Run MacKeeper's Safe Cleanup and remove all the junk files.

3. Remove all the unnecessary items listed on MacKeeper's Login Items list. This is the way they slow down your Mac startup time.

4. Run MacKeeper's Memory Cleaner tool, and clear your memory on the Memory Usage tab.

5. Run MacKeeper’s Duplicates Finder, delete the items detected by clicking Remove Duplicates.

6. Restart your Mac: click the Apple logo and select Restart.

How can I update my applications?

MacKeeper's Update Tracker checks each application installed on your Mac for the newest version available. To find the latest updates for your apps, do the following:

Step 1. Open MacKeeper, and select Update Tracker from the left sidebar.

Step 2. Next, click the blue Scan for Updates button.

Step 3. Select checkboxes for apps you want to update and click the blue Update button.

Step 4. If you want to install all updates MacKeeper found, click the blue Update All button.

I don't want applications to start up automatically once I turn on my Mac. What can I do?

The Login Items tool helps you control startup programs on your Mac quickly and easily. Removing startup items can help your macOS load faster because it won’t waste resources on loading unnecessary apps:

Step 1. Open MacKeeper, select Login Items from the left sidebar, and click Start Scan.

Step 2. Select the items you don't want to launch during the startup. Be careful though, ignore the items with a lock sign.

Step 3. Hit the blue Remove button at the bottom of the screen.

Got issues?

No sweat.

Ask your tech experts for help right here in the MacKeeper app. Tell us what’s wrong with your Mac’s performance and get pro assistance from real people anytime, 24/7.

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El optimizador para Mac es solo el comienzo

Esto es lo que puede hacer MacKeeper.


Antirrobo de identidad

Know whenever your passwords go public


Block video and banner ads, stop spying trackers

Conexión privada por VPN

Browse securely with an anonymous connection




Stop viruses from infecting or damaging your Mac

Limpiador de adware

Monitor for unwanted and malicious apps 24/7

Track My Mac

Locate a Mac that’s gone missing or been stolen



Limpieza segura

Wipe away junk files to free up Mac space

Buscador de duplicados

Trade useless file copies for extra disk space

Desinstalador inteligente

Remove apps completely and leave nothing but joy


We’ve optimized millions Macs in 10 years

Now it’s time for yours. Let’s give your Mac the performance and speed it deserves.


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Da a tus Macs un nuevo impulso con una sencilla protección multicapa y optimización del rendimiento para Mac. Consigue una protección fiable contra virus, malware y spyware.


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