Get more free RAM with MacKeeper’s Memory Cleaner

Just one click can instantly free up memory on your Mac. Use MacKeeper to stop the most memory-hogging processes too—so your Mac could finally run faster.

When it’s time for a Mac memory cleaner

Apps run super slow

When launching an app feels like an exhausting walk through the jungle, use MacKeeper to free up memory on Mac and get it roaring again.

Spinning pinwheel icon pops up

Next time the cursor turns to color or you see your Mac freezing, you’ll know it’s high time to optimize your Mac’s RAM (Random Access Memory).

You’re seeing error messages

If your Mac says Your system has run out of application memory, it’s a clear sign. You need to free up RAM on Mac, and MacKeeper is the best way to do so.

Websites take ages to load

It’s another sign you’re maxing out your Mac memory usage.To start with, try closing all the tabs with video. Then run MacKeeper for an extra push.

Can a Mac RAM cleaner really help?

Try running it after using resource-intensive apps. Whether it’s 30 open tabs in Safari, or a photo editing app, or a videogame—MacKeeper’s Memory Cleaner helps you notice the difference in your Mac speed. Just look at how easy it works.

How to free up GBs of memory in one click

  • Open MacKeeper
  • Select Memory Cleaner and click Open
  • Click the Clean Memory button
  • Enjoy free Mac memory in just a few seconds

Monitor and manage your Mac memory usage

Our Memory Cleaner is as easy as it is powerful. Use it to check how much occupied and available memory is left, the memory apps are using, cached files, swap memory used—all these details are hiding under the Memory Usage tab.

Control resource-intensive processes easily

The one-click magic is great, but MacKeeper is here to help you actually understand what eats up your Mac’s memory. Click the Apps & Processes tab to discover the most consuming ones and quit them right away.

And whenever a memory cleaner for Mac needs a helping hand. . .

Our support agents are happy to assist you 24/7. Chat with us right from the MacKeeper app. We’ve got real people to help you with real issues, 24/7.

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Get all must-have Mac tools in a single app

You might think MacKeeper is just a Mac RAM cleaner. The good news is it also comes with a built in antivirus, VPN, ad blocker, and speed optimization. And no robots in our 24/7 live chat—only real people.

Regular Mac cleaning software
Mac memory cleaner
Mostly included
Disk space cleanup
Performance optimization
Mostly included
Update tracker & startup optimizer included
Virus & malware protection
Not included
Online ID theft protection
Not included
Built-in, included in every plan
Virtual Private Network (VPN)
Not included
Built-in, no usage limits
Ad blocking & anti-tracking
Rarely available
Included, works both in Safari & Chrome
24/7 live chat
Rarely available
Built-in, direct access from the app

Check the system requirements

If the ones below are everything about your Mac, then it’s fully ready. Click Download to get started with MacKeeper.

  • Operating System: Mac OS X
    10.9 or later
  • CPU: 64-bit Intel-based processor or newer
  • RAM: 2GB
  • Disk Space: 100MB

Memory cleaner for Mac is just a start

See the other awesome things that MacKeeper can do.


Protect your online identity from theft with 24/7 data breach alerts. MacKeeper will also ensure you browse without ads or trackers, and secure your connection with VPN


Stay safe 24/7 with our real-time virus protection. We’ll remove major security threats like adware, spyware, or unwanted apps before they even try to access your Mac files.


Clean up gigabytes of disk space easily. MacKeeper detects everything clogging your hard drive. Bye bye to junk files, caches, logs, duplicates, and lousy apps. Hello free disk space!


Optimize your Mac RAM memory with one click. optimization. Remove items slowing down your Mac startup, update all your favorite apps in one go, and enjoy your Mac’s true performance.

Here’s our Mac Memory Cleaner explained

Here’s what our users often ask about the MacKeeper’s Memory Cleaner tool. Take a look.

Is Memory Cleaner free?

The first cleanup with Memory Cleaner is absolutely free once you create your MacKeeper account. For another cleanup, you’ll need a MacKeeper license.

What is RAM?

RAM is short for “Random Access Memory”. It’s the temporary data storage space that your Mac uses to load apps and processes. Usually, the more RAM memory available, the faster your Mac should run. MacKeeper’s Memory Cleaner can instantly free up RAM on Mac in just a click.

When do I need to free up RAM on my Mac?

You know it’s time to clean your Mac’s memory whenever your:

  • Mac starts slowing down
  • pointer turns to a rainbow pinwheel
  • error message is saying Your system has run out of application memory
Alternatively, MacKeeper’s Memory Cleaner can show when it’s time. If the memory usage scale is full, then you need to free up memory on Mac to give it some breathing room.

What is App Memory?

App Memory shows the amount of RAM memory your active applications are using at the moment.

What is Wired Memory?

Wired Memory displays the amount of memory required for the proper operation of macOS. Remember that it can’t be compressed or swapped.

What is compressed memory?

Compressed memory is not currently in use, but memory that the Mac compresses or swaps to the hard drive for later use.

More performance. One subscription.

Choose MacKeeper and save an insane amount of money. It comes with the Mac memory cleaner, update tracker, storage cleanup, virus protection, VPN, and even an ad blocker. Each of these separate apps might cost even more than MacKeeper. So, why not get more and spend less?

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