18 in 1 Apps for Mac

  • Cache Cleaner Cache Cleaner
    Cleans the system and user cache files wasting your Mac's disk space.
  • Binaries Cleaner Binaries Cleaner
    Safely removes useless application files without affecting the application's performance.
  • Leftover Cleaner Leftover Cleaner
    Deletes system files left after uninstalling the app for more storage space.
  • Log Cleaner Log Cleaner
    Deletes the system and user log files that take up your Mac's disk space.
  • Duplicates Finder Duplicates Finder
    Deletes unnecessary copies of your files in order to free up disk space on your Mac.
  • Update Tracker Update Tracker
    Never miss any important security patches and upgrades for most of your applications.
  • Memory Cleaner Memory Cleaner
    Instantly optimizes and monitors your Mac's RAM memory while you are performing your daily tasks.
  • Adware Cleaner Adware Cleaner
    Detects and removes malicious software that may display unwanted ads.
  • Internet Security Internet Security
    Protects your personal data from phishing attacks, malware, spyware, adware, and viruses.
  • 24/7 Premium Support 24/7 Premium Support
    Personal Apple Certified Support Professionals answer any Mac-related questions.
  • Safe Cleanup Safe Cleanup
    Quickly removes junk files that may take up hard drive space and slow your Mac down.
  • Track My Mac Track My Mac
    If your Mac gets stolen, Track My Mac will show its location and even take a snapshot of the thief.
  • Login Items Login Items
    Takes control of how fast your Mac boots up by deciding which applications launch at startup.
  • Antivirus Antivirus
    Blocks virus attacks that might infect or damage your files.
  • Find & Fix Find & Fix
    Scans your Mac for junky or risky items and fixes them straight away.
  • Trash Cleaner Trash Cleaner
    Empties your Trash so it's no longer bogging down your Mac.
  • Apps & Processes Apps & Processes
    Quits memory-hogging apps and stops the most resource-consuming processes.
  • Mail Attachments Mail Attachments
    Removes useless email attachments from your desktop mail app for a clutter-free mailbox.
  • Unique System Kit
  • Apple Certified Assistants
  • Anti-Theft Coverage

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Security Research Center Policy

In today’s world we have become more and more connected to Internet services, software, and hardware devices.

We share our information with our banks, medical institutions, and employers. We share our information with smartphones, smart TVs, smart watches, and other “smart things” in our homes, which usually retain our information in the remote databases outside our control. These technologies are deeply integrated into our lives and, in many cases, we have become dependent on them, making us vulnerable when the technology fails or our information is not properly protected.

Our research

We conduct security research to locate any data exposures in the databases of various companies, organisations, and institutions.

Typically we use the Shodan search engine to locate unprotected Internet-connected devices. This search engine is publicly accessible, and allows researchers to identify devices and databases that are connected to the open Internet without any password protection or other technological barriers to safeguard the data stored in them. We do not crack passwords or authentication processes or use any other hacking tricks.

Once we discover a publicly exposed database, we report our findings according to the following guidelines:

  • When appropriate, we provide details of the data exposure to the company, organisation, or institution that failed to protect itself.
  • We do not modify the data we found.
  • We allow entities time to remedy the data exposure prior to making any details available publicly that would otherwise cause further risk.
  • We do not transfer any data to any third parties.

Why do we do this?

Here, in the Security Research Center, we do our best to:

  • Help businesses build better security by identifying data leaks, and
  • Raise public awareness to the dangers related to data breaches and security risks in the connected world.

In case you have any comments, tips or suggestions please contact: security@kromtech.com