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    MacKeeper in Media

  • If this sounds familiar, the robot guy above probably looks familiar to you, too. That's the mascot for MacKeeper™, which is actually a legitimate product if you believe positive reviews by The Mac Observer's Dave Hamilton and MacWorld.

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  • By using security software called MacKeeper™ Brazilian police are able to track down the criminal and return the stolen property. It all happened on June 24th, 2013 when 21 year old Luiz Fernando Garcia de Oliveira broke into a home and stole 2 MacBook computers, money and other personal property.

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  • MacKeeper™ is your LIFETIME solution and is an AWARD WINNING all-in-one system utility that includes 16 powerful maintenance features that FULLY optimize, protect, control, and clean your Mac.

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  • MacKeeper™ is much more than simple Mac encryption software. It's a suite of powerful utilities with tools that run the gamut from anti-virus protection to data cleanup, file recovery, data backup and of course, file encryption.

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  • Mackeeper™ is a software suite from Kromtech that claims the ability to speed up your computer, remove worthless files, and provide a connection to real-life humans for all of your Mac-related needs. Is all of this actually included? So without further ado, here’s our review on MacKeeper™.

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  • Being one of the most advertized Mac products on the web, you've probably heard of MacKeeper™. Its marketing actually makes it harder to trust, which is a shame as it has a range of tools that actually work, with an attractive and simple interface. There are some bad points too, which we'll come to.

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  • MacKeeper™ is the all-in-one application that will monitor all of these aspects through an elegant and very well organized interface.

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    Security Research Center in the News

  • "When I found one of the databases of MacKeeper, they turned around and said, 'OK, we want to hire you to give us tips about data breaches,'" he said. "That was an awesome response." Chris Vickery's blog post appeared on the MacKeeper website.

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  • "Child tracker app leaks texts and photos' from kids' phones. According to Chris Vickery, researcher at MacKeeper, the app was leaking a huge database containing as many as 6.8 million private text messages, 1.8 million images (many depicting children) and 1,700 in-depth child profiles made up of data from Android and iPhone devices."

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  • "Vickery outlined the risks associated with the exposed printers, calling them a soft target in an email to Salted Hash. A quick search on Shodan to confirm his findings returned thousands of results."

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  • "The Analytical and Security Center will be led by Vickery and will carry out regular security audits of the software and establish security best practices to ensure the safety of users."

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  • "The unsecured data was discovered last week by Chris Vickery, a IT staffer in Austin, Texas who moonlights as a security researcher for Mac-security-software maker MacKeeper."

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  • "The lesson to learn here is that, if you're a parent, be wary of services that offer to monitor your child's online behavior. These services collect unnerving amounts of data on your child and, when a breach occurs, all of that data can be exposed to untold numbers of people," Vickery told.

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  • "In a blog post on MacKeeper website, Vickery said that a "database error" was at fault, as the database was configured for full public access, and required no "level of authentication or password and providing no protection at all for this data."

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I always have had positive experiences using MacKeeper and highly recommend purchasing their security applications to protect your Mac.
pat 10 Mar 2016
I use MacKeeper now on my Mac Book Pro and also my mac. It would be nice, if there would be some multiple computer offers for less money.
jabotrain, FL - United States 7 Mar 2016
I was able to work on other things while the technician quietly worked in the background on fixing minor issue with the performance of my computer.
Martyn, NSW - Australia 4 Mar 2016
I like it ,but still need to learn how to use it
Pedro Rojas G, Distrito Federal - Mexico 4 Mar 2016
Over all, I am very satisfied with MacKeeper. I have experienced nothing but pleasant people willing to do their best to help me in every way possible.The people are EASY TO HEAR and you have no idea what a relief that is :)I feel very secure with MacKeeper and won't be letting it go.
Carolyn H, Tas - Australia 7 Apr 2016
Well what can I say, I got the best Salesman, Andrew, I was so lost and now I'm found...:) Gotta Love the MacKeeper!
Jo 16 Feb 2016
Rod T 22 Jan 2016
I was skeptical at first, because i am not too technical with this stuff ,the customer was very helpful in what i needed to do.The technician went through the whole cleaning process, & now my computer runs muchbetter,all wright,all wright, all wright.Thank you.
angel o, IL - United States 15 Oct 2015
This is my first experience with MacKeeper. Up to now it looks great. I hope that I'll be happy to tell you more later
Victoria E 14 Aug 2015
Needed help cleaning up the system. It was running very slow. It seems to be back on track for now. Customer service/technical team were very professional and friendly. I am happy with my decision.
Angela D, TX - United States 3 Jul 2015

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Read Customer Reviews About MacKeeper

  • thank you for chat support, finally everything is done. that was so easy and did more than i thought support person fixed everything, not just problem for log in, everything my computer to improve system. i didn't do nothing, they use remote system that i just watched it.thank you so much and i really recommend to everyone need it. ...i do tell my friends how helpful about mackeeper is.thank you!!!

  • I would love to get rid of Bing that is bugging me all the time. I didn't ask for Bing.I'm also having a hard time to convince the ZipCloud to leave me alone. And can't spend anything more at the moment.I found the remote service and screen sharing very handy.We'll follow up to for service on another computer.

  • William J, VA - United States

    29 Mar 2016

    Overall very satisfying, especially as my Mac now works much better than before the online repair.Only issue is that I'm not a tech person so your people need to be able to explain some things in much simplier terms and language for Luddites such as me. For the most part this was done but I had to specifically request they do so several times.

  • My computer did not respond to my commands. Some company froze it. Suddenly mackeeper unfroze the computer without any requests from me. I was eternally grateful so I subscribed to mackeeper. And it was without any persuasion from mackeeper. Like i said thanks for the unsolicited freeing of my computer. ...I look forward to a pleasant experience with mackeeper. Ronald K.Burke, Ph.D.

  • Been a user for several years, and had no problems. Discovered fairly late that MacKeeper had not been working since "license" had expired. Tried to renew, and had to contact support for proper activation, and ended up upgrading to Mac service along with MacKeeper. They cleaned and streamlined my computer so that it now works ... like new, not like the senior grand dame that she is (early 2011 MacBook Pro). Here's to another 2 years of hassle-free computer use!

  • After having to uninstall mackeeper for a short while I found that I could not reinstall. I contacted customer services for help and the help I received was excellent. The new version was installed for me and my iMac was electronically serviced and it now runs perfectly. Very good service and I highly recommend it to all who use the service.

  • Harold

    24 Mar 2016

    I am very happy with the overall performance and functionality of MacKeeper. It has a broad toolset and is very easy to use.

  • Kathleen

    23 Mar 2016

    what can i say but excellent they installed Mac Keeper and did a clean of my computer and it's all systems are a go great news i thourally recommend MacKeeper to everyone thanks again to the Techniction they did a fab job

  • After a possible security issue in our online banking account, I felt confident that MacKeeper carefully evaluated my computer for any intrusion. I am a very happy customer.

  • Tina, Attica - Greece

    23 Mar 2016

    I upgraded to one of the service and tech-help packages, and I believe it's absolutely essential for any Mac user to have this kind of support. Excellent service, worth every penny.

  • I appreciate and trust all the services and help i have received from MACKEEPER! Their Tech's are excellent. Own A Mac-Purchase Mackeeper to protect your investment in APPLE technology

  • My Mack wasn't working very well it was to slow so I decided to try MacKeeper and it was amazing my MacBook is fast clean and save thank you MacKeeper team

  • I just updated to MacKeeper Version 3.8.1 (1144) and why did I wait so long? I purchased the MacKeeper Premium+ 24-month plan, and now I have awesome peace of mind! I chatted with a "Live" and very patient Tech/Rep and he walked me through the entire process. I'm not a computer tech, but I'm on my computer all the time, if you are like me and the other 90% of mac computer users that depend on their computer for income, you need to update now. Don't put it off like I did. My suggestion is to purchase the 24 month plan because the price comes way down, and you have TWO YEARS of hassle free wellness for your Mac. Thank you MacKeeper support team, I really appreciate your expertise, and am a very happy customer.

  • Guidance is simple very understanding with a polite explanation. I understand how to use the mackeeper. Thank you very much.We are also looking forward to meet together!We wish the health and happiness of all people.

  • Despite the smart clean up I still had some annoying adware (in particular "Shoppy App) that kept interfering with my web browsing with annoying pop ups for gambling sites and people offering to clean up the Mac. Your Geek on Demand was brilliant and she successfully removed the adware. I can enjoy surfing the internet ...again seeing only what I want to see at the speeds I have become used to. Thank you!The new subscription model is much better now. The app will always be up to date.

  • Gloria, ON - Canada

    16 Mar 2016

    I was greatly impressed by your staff. By there patience & overall helpfulness. I would recommend them to everyone I know who owns an Apple. I have had an Apple for 35 years, back before the Macs & I wouldn't have anything else. Thank you

  • The technical assistance provided during the MacKeeper Premium license activation procedure on my iMac computer recently, as well as the installation of MacKeeper's Remote Assistance/Lifetime program, was exemplary. I have been using MacKeeper for several years to safeguard my filing systems from viral and malware ...intrusions with complete satisfaction, and have enjoyed utilizing its host of optimizing features to keep my apps updated and computer running at peak efficiency. MacKeeper is a Mac-protective program I would strongly recommend to anyone who is looking for great antiviral file protection and optimal operating system efficiency and upkeep.

  • It is really wounderful experience using Mackeeper naw can very safely go through the Internet without fearing any kind of tampering or interference from any oneThank you

  • My overall experience with MacKeeper was excellent!! The help was great even thou I'm not computer savvy.

  • I had used MacKeeper before on my old lap top. Worked great, and kept my system clean from junk. I bought a new lap top and didn't continue the subscription. I was experiencing slower responses and freeze ups, but after loading MacKeeper again my system is running like new.

  • Bill, ON - Canada

    11 Mar 2016

    I'm not very good with computers but the support team stepped through the issues I was having in real time.I was on the phone with them as they took control of my mouse with my permission & they proceeded to click on items and explain to me what they were doing. I just sat back and watched them as they explained everything. ...I am not very computer literate so MacKeeper is definitely the way to go if you like to have someone knowledgable take care of any issues for you. I called for technical support twice and the wait time to talk to a technician was less than 30 seconds. Awesome!

  • I have enjoyed Mackeeper for awhile now. However, I recently upgraded my service. I am very impressed with its ease of use and its thorough work on my MacBook Pro. Thanks.

  • Amazing...! I finally found somebody who can fix my Mac without costing me a fortune! I highly recommend the Mackeeper professionals to clean up your computer! The support technicians did a fantastic job and I'm extremely satisfied with the service they performed on my laptop.

  • My sign-up to and purchase of the standard Mackeeper package was well and professionally handled by the person taking care of the transaction.I have not used Mackeeper before so I am not familiar with its capabilities. My understanding before signing up was that the software can help not only to identify and ...get rid of any viruses and malware-but also other computer performance issues and problems. However, after conversing with the technician online through the chat function, it seems that it is mainly an anti-virus software that can also identify other performance and operational computer issues-but that fixing the latter for the most part require additional, and quite significant charges. This may be fair enough and may only have been a misconception on my part.In any case, now having the Mackeeper software installed I will learn more about its functionalities and it may be able to do more than mainly identify and eradicate viruses.

  • Jean

    7 Mar 2016

    I was very pleased with my MacKeeper experience. I would be very happy to recommend MacKeeper to my friends and family.

  • Online technicians were informative and helpful. Remotely went thru my system and corrected problems they found. My online experience today, although limited, was much improved with no freeze-ups or hangs and with faster loading. Ad Blocker really did its job.

  • Jim, BC - Canada

    7 Mar 2016

    I have been a satisfied MacKeeper subscriber and user for a number of years on my MacBook Pro. I recently upgraded my basic subscription to the MacKeeper Premium on the laptop and added MacKeeper Premium to my second computer, an older iMac. Customer support ( a young woman in the Ukraine) assisted with the activation. ...Because I have used the product for at least 3 or 4 years I had no hesitation with adding a second subscription which is significantly cheaper than another product I was using that required a subscription renewal in two weeks. It would have have been nice somewhere in the process of downloading the software and activating a second subscription, that there might be someplace to indicate that I was already a subscriber with an activated license. The price I paid was not the price indicated on the 2 year premium subscription on the website. I knew that if I navigated the website long enough that I would get a 2nd message offering a lower rate for 2 year subscription ( don't leave empty handed) and sure enough it did pop up offering a reduction from the original offer. As a current subscriber shopping for a second license on another household computer I shouldn't have to do this dance to get a better rate. Smarten up MacKeeper! Despite the hard sell on the remote diagnosis and service plans that are available by certified Apple Technicians, I am happy with the product and the tools it provides. The customer service/assistance whenever I have had to use it has always been first rate.

  • Hi, Your agent was very clear, concise, open and transparent and spoke very good clear English. I had confidence in "Dave" and "Andrew" and I hope to continue this relationship even though I chose the cheapest options and have limited money to spend on this 5 year old Mac. Thanking you, Peter. United Kingdom.

  • Overall a very good service. I have used the MacKeeper AV for 4 years and found it very effective. Trying remote assistance for maintenance for the first time. Bit unsure how it all works but so far excellent communication from the staff and techs.

  • Mark F

    7 Mar 2016

    I have been very satisfied with the service I've received from my previous purchases from Mackeeper and look forward to there expertise in keeping my computer running at its best.

  • I am very pleased with the service I was given and my Mac is running so much smoother & quicker now!

  • Because my emails go throughout the world I get viruses from time to time. It's good to have a source that is able to help me clean it up.I had teh Mackeeper icon, but when clicking it on, it did not recognize me although I paid for the service. I contacted the US number and a delightful lady assisted me to get everything up and running.Thank you.

  • Many thanks to the talented computer tech that took my phone call.Although I am not extremely tech savvy, he was very professional and willing to help me understand. This information and MacKeeper's easy approach to cleaning and correcting four years of computer negligence were Great! Now, I will use their tutorials and tech service to help me continue onward.

  • Simon

    4 Mar 2016

    Great product, easy to use, thorough. Does its job and feels like it all runs smoothly and intuitively.

  • Beverly K

    Mar 2016

    It was very easy to walk through the process. I knew I needed a virus protection. This program seems to do everything. Techs were very hepful.

  • I was skeptical of doing any upgrade.. Was I wrong. When the techs did the "under the hood" tune up, they found a few things wrong I never knew about. Which contributed to my slow running iMac. The eliminated my "spinning beach ball" headaches. I was on the phone for a long time with a tech trying to pinpoint the problem and eventually ...ID'd and fixed it. I am more than satisfied with MacKeeper.

  • jill k h

    3 Mar 2016

    new to MacKeeper so suspending judgment but so far, clean-up of my Mac has helped a lot and customer service person was easy to understand

  • I was very satisfied with my first experience with MacKeeper. The representatives were all courteous and very knowledgeable. The results were excellent.

  • MacKeeper cleaned up my iMac, something I hadn't done since buying it in 2012. I think I found a winner here instead of taking it to a shop. Takes a little time to check everything but now I'm good to go.

  • Mary

    2 Mar 2016

    Your reps spent hours last evening fixing all my various problems with my Mac, thank you, thank you, thank you!!

  • All the procedure to install MacKeeper in my computer was really easy, and the lady who attended me, guided me very well through the process.

  • Jackie, BC - Canada

    1 Mar 2016

    Sophia Miller employee ID: mc62830 was wonderful! I was unsure about using macKeeper and Sophia walk/talk me through the process and saved my computer!!Thank you for all your help Sophia!!

  • Peter, QC - Canada

    1 Mar 2016

    Great! Live chat helps a lot to resolve something. Besides the price I paid, I like everything about Mac and mac keeper. Hopefully Theres a deal next time for mac keeper cause or else I'm gonna have to get something else. Great service!

  • I only have a few words for your Service:Well done MacKeeper!!BRAVO!!Excelent Service.I Thank you very much your support.

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  • simoulin

    27 Mar 2016

    Merci pour votre réactivité et pour l'accueil, moins de 2 h pour activation et intervention de l'assistance Mackeeper pour que mon mac retrouve ses performances d'antan.
    Bravo !!!

  • bonjour , je ne parle pas anglais peut il y avoir en français merci ,ce n'est facile et rapide excellent Meilleures salutations S.Crivelli

  • Brocheux P, France

    20 Mar 2016

    je suis très satisfait des services fournis par ma consultation de vos services

  • dienne

    8 Mar 2016

    Je suis très satisfait par cet achat et le sérieux de Mackeeper! merci!

  • bonne experience tres satisfait

  • vissault g

    7 Mar 2016

    j'ai pu résoudre un certain nombre de problèmes sur mon mac book air grâce à Mackeeper et son assistance direct.

  • Jean-louis

    29 Fév 2016

    Très bon accueil sur le site Mackeeper par une charmante hotesse qui parlait très bien le français !


    18 Fév 2016

    Outil pratique tout en un, performant et en temps réel

  • jean claude v, FRANCE

    17 Fév 2016

    Easy to order, to use with good results !

  • helene

    15 Fév 2016

    MERCI pour l'accompagnement et la redu

  • Bonjour, je Remercie toutes vos équipes pour tous le travail que vous avez fait; MERCI BEAUCOUP, je vous envoie tous le soleil de PROVENCE, je suis PLUS QUE SATISFAITE Mille MERCI

  • Daniel

    13 Fév 2016

    je découvre, mais les débuts me plaisent rien qu'au niveau de l'assistance spontanée en ligne. Très appréciable pour un néophyte comme moi...

  • Chantal B, France

    8 Fé 2016

    En français c'est plus facile pour moi. J'ai eu Daye comme interlocutrice. Elle a été très professionnelle. Merci à elle.

  • J'ai sauve mon Mac avec cette application, merveilleux.


    27 Jan 2016

    J'ai été très satisfaite de l'intervention, les intervenants sont très agréables, très gentils et d'une très grande compétence.

  • jean paul D

    18 Jan 2016

    quand vous vous adressez à nous parlez français

  • Bon produit. Je l'utilise régulièrement et mon mac fonctionne très bien. Merci

  • Tebessi, 54 - France

    11 Jan 2016

    Formidable, rapide, efficace.

  • Bon rapport qualité /prix ...Efficace.

  • J'ai été enchanté du service reçu et on m'a guidé de manière conviviale et efficace tout au long du processus.

  • vous plaît serait il possible d'avoir en version française tous vos questionnaires et vos demandes merci beaucoup car mon anglais est nul


  • Grande compétence technique MAIS le langage parlé ( français pour moi) n'est pas toujours de bonne qualité par les intervenants ce qui rend les explications parfois difficile à comprendre. plate forme est un peu décevante à ce niveau

  • J?ai utilisé ce logiciel toute l'année et je trouve qu'il aide vraiment à optimiser mon mac c'st simple d'utilisation pratique et je pense efficace, de ce fait j'ai renouvelé mon abonnement. ...Bizarrement les mails de Mackaper arrivent dans ma boite spam ???? là ça me fait rire puisque c'est vous qui luttez contre les spams... bon pas grave bonnes fêtes.

  • RAS - j'ai cru comprendre que vous pouviez également nettoyer mon portable ?

  • Ce logiciel est tout simplement formidable! Bravo!

  • Luc B, QC - Canada

    8 Dec 2015

    Bon produit qualité prix

  • tharin, suisse

    7 Dec 2015

    super produit très content

  • Claude B, QC - Canada

    20 Nov 2015

    Très bonne explication du fonctionnement

  • Je suis très satisfait.

  • This survey is not adequate for people who don't speak english. There is no choice of language. So, I will answer also in french : après achat, il y a trop de messages reprenant ...l'aide du logiciel et qui sont là pour faire acheter un pack plus cher. Cette forme de marketing "agressif" ne donne pas envie de poursuivre l'expérience avec MacKeeper. Dommage, le service d'activation et le personnel en ligne étaient parfaits.

  • Diane B

    3 Aug 2015

    Présentment le service d'aide est très apprécié

  • Ne pouvant m'exprimer en anglais je veux vous dire ma satisfaction d'avoir été assisté pour l'installation du programme Mac Keeper par une employée ...attentive et précise (assistante 196).Merci

  • Sorry but in French
    Je suis satisfaite pour le début des opérations. maintenant je n'ai pas encore assez de recul pour pouvoir porter un jugement

  • Anonymous Customer

    3 Feb 2015

    Satisfait de Mackeeper, pratique, facile à utiliser? Le service dépannage est très réceptif, rapide et sympathique. Un bon produit que je n'hésite pas à recommander. Merci pour tout et bonne année 2015 à toute l'équipe.

  • En liaison directe, un technicien apris le contrôle de mon Mac et s'est de suite adapté à mon âge et à l'âge de mon ordinateur (10.6.8) pour en faire un nettoyage complet qui a duré près de deux ...heures à mon entière satisfaction après redémarrage sur mes différents programmes.

  • Jusqu'à present pour ce que j'ai pu utiliser mes attentes sont satisfaite.
    Ca me semble être un excellent programme

  • Paul A

    15 Mar 2016

    Simple, un service on line reactive en cas de besoin

  • romuald r

    8 Mar 2016

    après avoir discuter un bon moment avec le technicien il ma finalement offer un deal très intéressant

  • Problème de PC un samedi soir, j'ai contacté le service. Installation de MacKeeper et intervention à distance. ...Equipe efficace mais un peu long (on constate que le hot liner gère plusieurs clients à la fois, et rester en attente de réponse du chatt plusieurs fois pdt plus de 20 minutes n'est pas satisfaisant).

  • langlois

    14 Feb 2016

    communication très robotisée c'est un style américain qui ne va pas très bien avec la culture européenne

  • Mariotti, France

    10 Feb 2016

    C'est cher, vraiment très cher, mais efficace

  • POTTIER, France

    2 Feb 2016

    Je suis satisfait du service rendu j'attends les prochains contacts afin d'améliorer certains détails sur mon ordinateur.

  • Richard G

    15 Jan 2016

    Aucune référence n'a été faite à un compte Kromtech que j'ai déjà ! bizarre ?

  • J' ai réinstallé MacKeeper que vous m' avez proposé avec une ristourne appréciable, je vous remercie pour votre offre.Je souhaiterais pouvoir ...bénéficier d'une offre identique lors du renouvellement de ma licence.

Read Customer Reviews About MacKeeper

  • Sehr geehrte Damen und Herren,
    da ich nach Erwerb von MK Schwierigkeiten bei der Aktivierung hatte, ...kam es zu einer Doppelbestellung meinerseits, auf die ich von Seiten MK freundlich hingewiesen wurde. Während des Telefongespräches erhielt ich sehr kompetente Beratung und praktische sehr gute Unterstützung, die damit endete, dass ich meinen PC zur einer vollständigen Kontrolle und Optimierung zur Verfügung stellen konnte.
    Das Ergebnis dieser Tätigkeiten ( 3 Mitarbeiter von MK betreuten mich dabei ) war eine hervorragende Betreuung mit Remote-Anwendung, die zu einem sehr guten Ergebnis führten.
    Vielen Dank - Ihr sehr zufriedener Kunde H.P.Lucassen - Steuerberater

  • Andreas U

    6 Mrz 2016

    Danke für die tolle Unterstützung bei der Einrichtung
    Andreas Uebel

  • Henry, Switzerland

    25 Mrz 2016

    Freundlichkeit ++++, Kompetenz ++++, perfekt!

  • Nach Anfänglichen Schwierigkeiten konnte das Problem gelöst werden, ich hatte wohl einen Schreibfehler in meiner E- Mail Adresse.

  • alles super

  • All the best!

  • alles gut !!!

  • I'm really surprised about the Service, Which was very satisfied for me. I'll certainly recommend mackeeper.

  • alles super

  • Der Support ist klasse. Vielen Dank an den netten Mitarbeiter am Telefon!

  • Although I am not a computer specialist the lady from the services never lost her temper. Patiently she waited until I had everything arranged as it was supposed to be. ...She answered very efficiently all my questions and really helped me a lot. Thank you very much.

  • Jogy

    13 Jan 2016

    MacKeeper wird zu einem sehr hohem Preis angeboten.
    Daher muss man überlegen es zu kaufen.
    Vielleicht kann man die Preisgestaltung überdenken.

  • Rolf R

    6 Jan 2016

    Gut und zuverlässig

  • Boehmer, Germany

    3 Jan 2016

    sehr gute Hilfe/hilfsbereit, die Dame aus der Ukraine sprach sehr gut Deutsch

  • Sehr schnel und zueferlesig bin zufriden preis sollte ein venig runter

  • Jannes A, Germany

    26 Dez 2015

    Nicht billig,aber funktioniert einwandfrei.Bin zufrieden

  • Alexander

    21 Dez 2015

    Technician 168 war aeußerst freundlich und zuvorkommend, gleichzeitig sehr hilfreich!!! Vielen Dank für die rasche Hilfe! Wir sind sehr zufrieden.

  • Ich habe den Mac Keeper schon von Anfang an und bin sehr zufrieden damit würde es auch jedem weiterempfehlen

  • Die Bereinigung meiner Rechner wurde zu meiner Zufriedenheit durchgeführt.

  • Anonymous Customer

    11 Dez 2015

    Sehr gute Erfahrungen gemacht. Bennie, mein Telefon-Support war äußerst hilfreich!

  • Anonymous Customer

    29 Nov 2015

    Mir gefällt der MacKeeper eigentlich ganz gut.
    Leider konnte er mir bei meinem eigentlichen Problem aber nicht helfen....
    Safari öffnet manche Internetadressen nicht. Bei mir z.B.
    Ich dachte, dafür wäre ein Virus verantwortlich. Leider geht's immer noch nicht.

  • Bin mit der Beratung sehr zufrieden; nach anfänglichen Schwierigkeiten wurden alle Anliegen meinerseits sehr zufriedenstellend bearbeitet.

  • Egon S

    20 Nov 2015

    alles bestens, gerne wieder

  • Nach dem Kauf mußte ich zum Aktivieren den support service in Anspruch nehmen
    (0800-183-0672)... Frau Silvia gab die notwendige Unterstützung auf eine sehr freundliche, geduldige und gut verständliche Art und Weise. Das anleitende Gespräch war außerordentlich angenehm. Vielen Dank.

  • Anonymous Customer

    6 Apr 2016

    Danke für die gute Einführung. Das Paket deckt meine Probleme gut ab,

  • Meine McBook ist mit McKeeper sauber und lauft nicht warm !!!

  • blattlus

    24 Jan 2016

    Wurde bei einem Problem, kundengerecht und sofort bearbeitet.

  • Betreuung war sehr nett und geduldig. Bei Problemen werde ich mich wieder an Sie wenden

  • Es steht led. eine noch nicht beantwortete Frage im Raum.
    Ansonsten mit dem Service sehr zufrieden.


    3 Jan 2016


Read Customer Reviews About MacKeeper

Read Customer Reviews About MacKeeper