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6 reasons why MacKeeper™
is the choice of millions

A lot of tools and features stick together in bundled utility software - MacKeeper™.

Your Personal
Technical Assistant

Professional help has never been so close! Just imagine –
a real human expert will remotely analyze your Mac for potential problems and help you fix them. The process is quite simple: MacKeeper™ scans your Mac for issues and creates a report on the basis of the scan results. Then your personal Apple Certified Support Professional analyzes the data together with you and offers automatic fixes based on this analysis. That’s it!

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An Effective Solution
For Keeping Your Mac Clean

Does your Mac cry for help? Don’t ignore it! Maybe it’s time for some spring cleaning with MacKeeper™? First of all, optimize your Mac’s RAM with the Memory Cleaner tool. Secondly, use Fast Cleanup to detect and remove junk files. Then remove the apps that you no longer use with Smart Uninstaller. Finally, find and remove oversized and duplicated files with Disk Usage and Duplicates Finder. And that’s it! Your Mac is up and running again.

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Life Is Too Short To Wait...

Your Mac can work faster, really! All you need to do is to learn some optimization tricks:

  • Control your Mac’s boot speed by choosing which apps will open on its startup and which of them will not open.
  • Never miss important updates for apps that are installed on your Mac and that you use most frequently.
  • Use MacKeeper™ Login Items and Update Tracker tools for the above mentioned tasks.

That’s the secret of a fast Mac!

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Our Tools - Your Control

Lost a file on your Mac? Keep calm and use MacKeeper™! First of all, try to search for this file by using the advanced functionality of Files Finder. No results? Then you may have probably removed and trashed this file. And here MacKeeper™ also comes for the rescue, as you can restore the file from the Trash by using the Files Recovery tool. Finally, use MacKeeper™ Backup tool to avoid such problems in the future.

Read More Powerful toolbox for your Mac: Files Finder, Default Apps, Files Recovery, and Backup.

We Support
Your Right To Privacy

How to make personal files disappear completely for others, but not for you? Here are some hints from MacKeeper™:

  • Encrypt the files with two passwords by using the Data Encryptor tool. As a result, only you will be able to access these files, of course if you don’t share your password with strangers.
  • When the files are no longer needed, remove them from your Mac by using the Shredder tool. As a result, no one will be able to recover them.
Read More MacKeeper™ secures your private data. No fingerprints needed!

We Make Stolen Macs
Come Back Home

What is more dangerous – virtual thieves or real-life thieves? Well, actually it doesn’t matter if you have MacKeeper™. The Antivirus and Safe Browsing features will provide protection against identity theft, spyware, malware, and other online threats, whereas the Anti-Theft service will prevent your Mac from real-life theft. You will get a detailed location report and even a photo of the thief!

Read More MacKeeper™ will bring your Mac back home in case it gets stolen.

Expert Reviews

  • Easily maintain, optimize and clean up your Mac, using a service like MacKeeper.

    Forbes is an American business magazine. Forbes reports on related subjects such as technology, communications, science, law, finance, industry, investing, and marketing.

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  • Mackeeper provides a connection to tech experts 24/7 through an integrated live chat system.

    The “Mach” in Mach Machines represents an acknowledgement of new paradigms in technology, technology that continues to flabbergast people with its astounding capabilities, almost on an everyday basis!

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  • MacKeeper™ at Macworld/iWorld 2013 by Cult of Mac

    MacKeeper™ was noticed at Macworld by a journalist from Cult of Mac, a daily news portal that is very popular among Apple lovers!

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    Cult of Mac

Latest News

26 / 06 / 2017

Use Apple Diagnostics to Fix Your Mac’s Hardware

What is Apple diagnostics? Have you ever used it and did you get results? First of all, Apple diagnostics is a kind of Apple Support that you can get if your Mac has any hardware problems. It’s a great tool designed by Apple directly for defining the source of various Mac hardware issues and troubleshooting them, at least taking the very first steps to fix the problem.

23 / 06 / 2017

Windows Features That You Can Bring To Your Mac

If you were a longtime Windows user, and then at last you decided to switch to Mac, you would find out that the Macintosh operating system is different from Windows, and it can cause some inconvenience. Despite this difference, you can use some Windows features on your Mac to get used to your new computer.

Uninstall MacKeeper™

To uninstall MacKeeper™, quit the app, drag the MacKeeper.app file to the Trash, and then click “Uninstall MacKeeper™.”

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MacKeeper™ Settlement

Lawsuit settlement for Zeobit, ex-owners of MacKeeper™, allows MacKeeper™ to keep moving forward with a new owner, Kromtech Alliance Corp.

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No Spam Ads

Now it is possible to disable pop-up ads in MacKeeper™. But remember, no matter how annoying the ads may seem, they just inform you about the product.

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