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What threats can harm your MacBook? Let’s learn malware together

  • Viruses

    Replicate themselves by modifying other programs and inserting their own code into them.

  • Spyware

    Enters a user's device, collects private data, and sends it to third parties without consent.

  • Adware

    Displays unwanted ads on a user's device, often in the form of pop-ups or banners.

  • Worms

    Spread copies of themselves to other computers across a network.

  • Ransomware

    Blocks a user or organization from accessing files on their computer unless the victim pays the attacker.

  • Phishing

    The sending of fraudulent communications via email or text messages that appear to come from a legitimate source.

  • Pharming

    An attack meant to redirect users to malicious websites designed to steal personal data or financial information.

  • Rootkit

    Gives hackers access and control over to a user’s computer; can infect both software and hardware.

  • Trojan horse

    Destroys information or allows hackers to steal it; usually is downloaded as a legitimate app.

  • Malvertising

    Attacks and compromises systems by spreading advertisements injected with malicious code.

  • Browser Hijacking Software

    Modifies a web browser's settings without a user’s permission and redirects them to websites they had no intention of visiting.

  • Downloader

    Installs itself to a system and after the infected computer connects to the internet, connects to a remote server to download more malicious programs.

  • Keylogger

    Records a user’s keystrokes while typing and sends this information to third parties.

  • Unwanted browser extensions

    Infected with malicious code, collects personal information and sends it to third parties; may be used by hackers for more complicated attacks.

  • Formjacking attack

    The hacking of sites to steal user banking details and personal data by taking over the site's form page.

  • Banking Trojan

    Collects banking information and other sensitive data.

  • Exploits

    Uses a device’s vulnerabilities (in software or hardware) to initiate a denial-of-service (DoS) attacks or install malware.

  • Coin-miner

    Uses the hardware of a user’s device to mine cryptocurrencies.

  • Fileless threats

    Uses native, legitimate built-in instruments of a user’s device to execute a cyber attack without downloading additional files.

  • Script-based attacks

    Attacks based on the usage of scripts to detect and take advantage of device vulnerabilities, gain unauthorized access, or execute malicious actions directly in memory.

  • Potentially unwanted programs (PUPs)

    Different types of malware that can cause Mac slowdowns, display unwanted ads, or install malicious apps.

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Real-time Mac virus protection

Checks for malicious files 24/7 and blocks them automatically.

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Full and custom scans

Checks the entire system or quickly inspects the selected file or folder for malware. Virus databases updated daily.

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Daily Mac virus scan

Scans for potential threats silently and only alerts you if something critical is found.

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One standout feature of MacKeeper is its unique chat window that gives the user 24/7 access to MacKeeper’s team of privacy and security experts.

Mark Sparrow


MacKeeper offers tons of security, privacy, and performance features beyond basic antivirus protection

Neil J Rubenking


MacKeeper is a very easy tool to use; it’s well organised and the various features are clear and functional.

Keith Martin


All in all, MacKeeper is a dependable software with lots of fantastic features. It gives you privacy, security and cleans your Mac for extra space which is beyond any average antivirus software.

Deyan Georgiev


The thing that stands out the most about MacKeeper is how easy it is to use. A quick install, and then you’re guided through the process of scanning and protecting your Mac.

Chyelle Dvorak


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Your questions, answered.

Do you need virus protection on a Mac?

Mac viruses do exist. If you don’t want to infect your Mac accidentally when following links or downloading files, the best option is to use real-time protection. It blocks viruses before they even try executing a malicious code.

How is MacKeeper different from other antivirus software for macOS?

What MacKeeper has in common with the best antivirus software on the market is an excellent detection rate, certified by AV-TEST. The difference is a built-in privacy and cleaning toolset—you have to purchase this separately when using other Mac anti-malware apps.

What are the AV-TEST results for MacKeeper?

In March 2024, MacKeeper was proud to pass AV-TEST independent expert certification. MacKeeper has scored 6.0 out of 6.0—the highest in all 3 categories (Protection, Performance, Usability). In addition, MacKeeper has managed to detect 99.7% of the most widespread malware.

Should I delete or quarantine located items?

We recommend deleting files detected by MacKeeper's Antivirus as they are potentially harmful. However, if you suspect that your personal file was falsely marked as harmful, try quarantining it to see if it affects any system processes. If it doesn’t and your system seems to work fine without it, you can delete the harmful file safely.

Will it slow down my Mac?

A regular virus scan should have zero effect on your Mac’s speed. In rare cases, real-time protection might slightly affect the system performance, and things can get worse if you’ve got several antiviruses running simultaneously. We recommend using one antivirus software with real-time protection in order to keep your Mac running smoothly.

  • System Requirements: macOS 10.13 or later, 100 MB of spaceFull requirements
  • Latest Software Version: 6.7.1, Jul, 2024
  • Pricing: Starting at $10.95/month
  • Developer: Clario Tech DMCC

**Notarization is not the App Review. The Apple notary service is an automated system that scans your software for malicious content.

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