Real-time Mac antivirus. Security that never sleeps.

MacKeeper’s Antivirus protection safeguards your Mac from 99.7% of online threats. We’ll automatically block the worst ones for you.

  • Notarized by Apple

    Notarization is not an app review, but it ensures that the MacKeeper software is free of any malicious components.

  • AppEsteem certified

    The gold standard for app quality and reliability, AppEsteem verifies that apps are perfectly safe and user-friendly.

  • AV-TEST certified

    MacKeeper has passed the independent antivirus comparison with an impressive 99.7% virus detection rate.

What’s inside?

Real-time Protection
Full & Custom Scan
Background scan

Real-time Mac virus protection

Checks for malicious files 24/7 and blocks them automatically.

Real-time protection enabled

Full and custom scans

Checks the entire system or quickly inspects the selected file or folder for malware. Virus databases updated daily.

Select folders for custom scan

Daily Mac virus scan

Scans for potential threats silently and only alerts you if something critical is found.

Background scan found malware

Think you don’t need
antivirus software?

icon 47% of our new users discover
malware after their first scan.

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MacKeeper Antivirus

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More than just an antivirus for Mac.
It’s the whole security package.


Get rid of adware

  • detect suspicious apps lurking on your Mac
  • remove them safely in a few clicks
  • block any potential invaders automatically

Connect via a secure VPN

  • browse totally anonymously
  • protect your payment data on public Wi-Fi
  • access location-restricted content

Block annoying ads

  • wave goodbye to video ads and banners
  • block site trackers from hunting for your data
  • mute browser notification requests

Guard your privacy online

  • monitor which of your passwords have leaked
  • discover data breaches immediately
  • get 24/7 support with fixing breaches

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Free or full MacKeeper version? Try both.

Detect & block viruses in real time
One month free!
Check emails for password leaks
Run an on-demand malware scanner
Instantly block adware & pop-ups
Remove unnecessary files & apps
Browse anonymously with a VPN
Get 24/7 tech support

Your questions, answered.

Do you need virus protection on a Mac?

Mac viruses do exist. If you don’t want to infect your Mac accidentally when following links or downloading files, the best option is to use real-time protection. It blocks viruses before they even try executing a malicious code.

How is MacKeeper different from other antivirus software for macOS?

What MacKeeper has in common with the best antivirus software on the market is an excellent detection rate, certified by AV-TEST. The difference is a built-in privacy and cleaning toolset—you have to purchase this separately when using other Mac anti-malware apps.

What are the AV-TEST results for MacKeeper?

In December 2020, MacKeeper was proud to pass the AV-TEST independent expert certification. MacKeeper Antivirus has scored 6.0 out of 6.0—the highest in all 3 categories (Protection, Performance, Usability). In addition, MacKeeper has managed to detect 99.7% of the most widespread malware.

How do I run an on-demand scan?

1. Open MacKeeper

2. Select Antivirus from the left sidebar

3. Click Start Scan to check your Mac for viruses

To scan a specific file or folder, select Custom Scan.

Should I delete or quarantine located items?

We recommend deleting files detected by MacKeeper's Antivirus as they are potentially harmful. However, if you suspect that your personal file was falsely marked as harmful, try quarantining it to see if it affects any system processes. If it doesn’t and your system seems to work fine without it, you can delete the harmful file safely.

Will it slow down my Mac?

A regular virus scan should have zero effect on your Mac’s speed. In rare cases, real-time protection might slightly affect the system performance, and things can get worse if you’ve got several antiviruses running simultaneously. We recommend using one antivirus software with real-time protection in order to keep your Mac running smoothly.

  • System Requirements: macOS 10.11 or later, 100 MB of space
  • Software Version: 5.8, Dec, 2021
  • Pricing: Starting at $10.95/month
  • Developer: Clario Tech DMCC

*Notarization is not the App Review. The Apple notary service is an automated system that scans your software for malicious content.


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Your macOS version is lower than OS 10.11. We’d like to offer you MacKeeper 4 to solve the cleaning, privacy, and security issues of your macOS.